General Questions

You can add photographs to existing Facebook collections. Simply head down to the Facebook collection drop down and choose one of your collections. The pictures will be distributed to that collection after distributing.

Unfortunately, It is not possible to create a new photo album from Storefries - you first need to create it on Facebook directly.

Sure. You can deal with different Facebook Pages by setting them up as independent Brands in Storefries Social. Brands can assist you with gathering online media represents different business elements. Each Brand can incorporate one every one of the accompanying: Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, Instagram Profile, LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn Profile, and a Google My Business posting.

Yes! But you need an Social Media profile. Learn how to set one up here. Also, because Storefries is an Social Media Partner and uses the for publishing to Social Media auto publishing with Storefries is 100% safe!

Sure! Go to Publishing and in Calendar select the post you need to alter - recall, all booked posts are hued in light blue, for better ID.

The dull blue feature shows you every one of the connected posts - those that were planned for one go across various profiles and dates

Then, at that point, click on the post and alter it. Simple :)

These are the different viewing options for your Calendar.

You're able to select a Day, monthly and weekly view of your calendar which will allow you to plan your content on a Calendar view with either a day month and a week focus.

You can switch between the views by clicking the button in the top left hand corner.

You can likewise choose "Rundown" to see your substance in a rundown structure, in a steady progression.

This will permit you to see an immediate see of your substance and support it without any problem.

You can schedule your post to go out at multiple dates, in one go. Select “Schedule” to open up the Scheduler. This will allow you to select dates you want your post to go out on.

In the Scheduling window, you can select the dates you want the post to go out on. As the dates are selected, they will appear on the right side of the window. You can schedule multiple dates during your selection.

You can also add an additional date by clicking the “Add date” button

Your Calendar will display:

Posts/Tweets over a wide span of time on your Timeline (green)

Posts/Tweets booked to your Timeline (blue)

Drafts made by moderator(s) (yellow)

  • Photo post
  • post
  • Stories post
  • The location will affect the location that is displayed in your post. This won’t affect the target audience. You can only set the location that is associated with your Facebook page. You can add any location to a tweet when publishing on Twitter.

    On Twitter, you first need to make sure you have enabled tweets with location - to do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Privacy settings of your Twitter account here
  • Enable Tweet with a location option & save settings
  • Go back to Storefries and log out
  • Log back in Storefries
  • We've made changing the distributing date of planned/drafted posts truly simple. You simply need to choose and hold the post you need to alter and drag it to the spot in the Calendar where you need it to be distributed. Straightforward as that!

    Note: Even assuming there are presents connected on that post, drag and dropping a date will just change the ideal opportunity for that post.

    You can likewise change the date by re-opening the post and heading into the Scheduling schedule.

    It is so natural to change the time and date of a planned post, as well as add a date.

    On a Free plan, you can upload and publish photos up to 5MB. To find out more about the best image sizes and requirements for Notification and Auto Publish posts, read our help article.


    Please note that the customization features are exclusive to the plans.

    The Storefries Social dashboard cannot be customized. However, you can set up a Custom Branding which lets you personalize your Storefries Social Portal with your own logo and branding.

    Under the Pro Plans, everything your Brands can be overseen by five colleagues. In the event that you might want to add extra colleagues to your Brand, you could do this by buying our Team Member additional items

  • Your clients can view Scheduled Posts, and Published Posts under the Posts tab.
  • They will also be able to view Post Details.
  • They can initiate discussions from the Collaborate tab and will be able to view posts if they're tagged in them or in the comments.
  • They can view the reports shared with them in the Reports tab and also export them as PNG or PDF files.
  • As a Brand Admin:

  • You can invite your clients to the brand you manage from Setings.
  • Select Brand Members, then click Invite.
  • Select Client Members and click Invite.
  • Plans and Billing

    We offer each client a 14-day time for testing with card . The arrangement you will test is the Premium arrangement.

    You can check all includes that are remembered for the evaluating page.

    As soon as you subscribe to a paid plan, we remove these limits immediately, according to the plan you subscribed to.

    If you've already restarted a free trial and cannot do it anymore, but need more time to test, send us an email to contact and we'll restart it for you.

    As soon as you subscribe to a paid plan, we remove these limits immediately, according to the plan you subscribed to.

    If you've already restarted a free trial and cannot do it anymore, but need more time to test, send us an email to and we'll restart it for you.

    To stop your free Trial plan go to Organization settings - Subscription section and click on Cancel button .

    Yes, you can easily manage your subscription and downgrade any time you'd like. However, keep in mind that downgrading will restrict your access to many of Storefries Social's Standard, Free ,Basic and Pro features.

  • Click Settings in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Select Manage Subscription.
  • Click Change Plan.
  • Select your new arrangement by tapping the Downgrade button and continue to minimize right away.

  • Kindly guarantee you de-select 'Downsize consequently toward the finish of current charging cycle' to minimize right away.

    Note:On the off chance that your Visa terminates, you will be naturally downsized to the free arrangement. Notwithstanding, we will send you five email notices during the fifteen days before the minimization occurs, so you'll have sufficient opportunity to refresh your data and go on with your membership.

  • Click on Settings at the top right corner of your Home screen
  • Click Manage Subscription.
  • Select Monthly or Yearly billing by switching the toggle above the listed plans.
  • You can choose from the following plans: Free,Basic and Pro
  • Click Upgrade below the paid plan you have selected.
  • No, you need not input your credit card details to start the 14-day free trial. However once your free trial is completed, you naturally switch to one of our paid options Free plan,Basic plan for brands or the Pro plan .

    Yes, it does. Regardless of the plan you sign up for, once your trial period is over, you'll automatically be moved to the Free plan.

    Note:You can always make an upgrade to a paid plan by clicking on your profile and selecting Manage Subscriptions. From here choose any paid plan you like.