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Storefries GDPR Compliance: Safeguarding Your Personal Data

1. Understanding GDPR:

  • GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is a pivotal regulation established to protect personal data of EU citizens.
  • Enacted by The Council of the European Union, European Parliament, and European Commission, it aims to provide transparency and control over personal data usage.

  • 2. Data Portability (Transparency):

  • Users and partners can access their personal data and understand its storage and usage.
  • Subject Access Requests are welcomed. To request your data, email us and we'll promptly provide it in a zip file.

  • 3. Processes & Systems:

  • Proactively adopting new approaches to internal data collection, management, and storage.
  • Updating existing systems and introducing new processes related to data handling.

  • 4. Spring Cleaning:

  • Thorough audit of all existing data and processes since Storefries' inception.
  • Purging expired and non-compliant data from our systems to align with GDPR guidelines for future data management.

  • 5. Consent:

  • We seek explicit, granular, and informed consent when collecting personal data and permissions for its use.
  • Review our Privacy Policy for further details.

  • 6. Right to Erasure:

  • Users and partners have the option to exercise their right to be forgotten.
  • Initiating the 'Delete Account' action within Storefries promptly removes your account, with all secondary data deleted within 30 days.

  • 7. Users' Clients:

  • Our platform ensures trust in handling clients' personal data, adhering to 100% GDPR compliance.

  • 8. Data Processing Agreement (DPA):

  • For current customers needing a Data Processing Agreement, please email us with specific reasons for the request.

  • 9. Contacting Us:

  • If you have questions about Storefries' GDPR policies, reach out through the Storefries Chatbot, accessible from on desktop. We're here to provide further information and support.

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