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Understanding Storefries Sales Tax Policies for Transparent Financial Transactions

1. Sales Tax Application:

For Canadian Users:
  • Sales tax is applied to Storefries services for users based in Canada.
  • The sales tax is included in the price of your chosen plan and is itemized on your receipts. Canadian users are provided with all necessary information regarding the sales tax applied to their Storefries subscription.

  • For Non-Canadian Users:
  • Storefries does not charge sales tax for users located outside of Canada. If you are not based in Canada, you will not be subject to sales tax when using Storefries services.

  • 2. VAT/Tax Numbers:

  • Storefries is a Canadian company with the Canadian Tax Number: 83702 1591. This information is crucial for Canadian users to ensure compliance with Canadian tax regulations. It's important to note that, as a Canadian company, Storefries does not possess a VAT number. Understanding this distinction is key to grasping the tax framework under which Storefries operates.

  • 3. Including VAT/Tax Information on Receipts:

  • Storefries offers the option to include your VAT/Tax information on receipts for enhanced transparency and accuracy in financial records.
  • Access this feature by navigating to your settings and entering the necessary information in the Payment & Billing History page. This ensures that your receipts accurately reflect the details required for record-keeping and compliance.

  • 4. Access to Signed W9 or W-8BEN-E Forms:

  • As a non-US-based company, Storefries is pleased to provide users with a signed W-8BEN-E form for US tax purposes. This form can be conveniently downloaded, ensuring users have the necessary documentation to meet their specific tax obligations and compliance requirements.

  • Storefries is dedicated to providing comprehensive information on sales tax, VAT numbers, and tax form availability to foster transparency and assist users in understanding their financial responsibilities. Whether you're a Canadian or non-Canadian user, Storefries is committed to supporting your compliance needs and facilitating accurate record-keeping. Stay informed and confident in your financial management by utilizing the resources and information provided by Storefries.

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