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StoreFries Analytics for YouTube

Analyzing the performance of your YouTube channel is now made easy with StoreFries analytics. Gain valuable insights into your video content through a range of comprehensive metrics and reports.



These analytics are crucial in understanding the performance and impact of your content on LinkedIn. By monitoring these metrics, you can refine your content strategy to better engage your audience and achieve your professional goals.

Audience Summary

Audience Summary

  • Total Subscribers: The overall count of subscribers to your YouTube channel.
  • New Subscribers: Daily average of newly acquired subscribers.
  • Subscribers Lost: The count of subscribers lost over a period, and the daily average.

  • Post & Engagement Summary

    Post & Engagement Summary

  • Total Posts: The number of posts on your YouTube channel.
  • Total Engagement: Aggregated engagement metrics like likes, dislikes, and comments.
  • Top Post: The highest performing post based on engagement.

  • Video Performance Summary

  • Total Minutes Watched: The total time spent by users watching your videos.
  • Top Post by view: The highest performing video based on views and watch time.

  • Cards Summary

  • Total Card Teaser Impressions: Frequency of card teaser displays.
  • Total Card Teaser Clicks: Instances of card teaser clicks.
  • Total Card Clicks: Instances of card clicks.

  • Subscriber Growth

    Subscriber Growth

  • New Subscribers Added: Comparison over a specified period.
  • Subscribers Lost: Those who unsubscribed over time.
  • Average New Subscribers Per Day: Daily subscriber growth rate.

  • Posts & Engagement Reports

    Number of Posts vs Engagement

    Number of Posts vs Engagement

  • Comparative analysis of daily posts and engagement.
  • Average posts and engagement per day.

  • Top Videos

  • Highest performing videos based on likes, dislikes, comments, engagement, and engagement rate.

  • Engagement Actions

    Engagement Actions

  • Distribution of engagement actions (likes, dislikes, shares, comments) received.
  • With StoreFries analytics, you're equipped with a powerful toolset to dive deep into your YouTube performance and optimise your content for maximum impact. Keep exploring and make your YouTube channel stand out!

    Visualise Performance Over Time Frames:

    This feature is the ability to filter data based on specific date ranges.

    1. Go to the Analytics module.
    2. In the top right corner there will be an option to select the time range.
    3. In the drop-down list, you can choose from Today, Yesterday, This week, last 28 days analytics report.
    4. click Analyze.
    Note :  "Analytics is available only for pro plan users."

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