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Automation: Streamline Your source feeds Sharing Effortlessly

Share your favourite source feeds across preferred social networks to keep your followers in the loop. Storefries enable automatic updates on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

RSS Feed to Social Media:

  1. Click on the "Add Campaign" button.
  2. Enter the campaign name and select the associated social media accounts.
  3. Click "Next".
  4. Input the Feed URL for the desired social media posting.
  5. Access the Hashtag Manager, select a hashtag from the folder list, and make any necessary edits for the hashtag you want to use on the chosen Social Media Platform.
  6. Tap "Update Frequency" to specify the posting interval.
  7. Provide the maximum number of posts per feed update.
  8. Click "Done" to finalize the campaign.

Add Campaign

View Campaign:

  • The selected RSS feed to social media list is displayed in the view campaign section.
  • In the status column, you can deactivate the social media posts if you choose not to share them.
  • You have the option to edit or delete the action.
  • For adding a campaign to social media posts, simply click on "Add Campaign" in the top right corner.

  • View Campaign

    Features:   "The following are the two main features of automation available in storefries"


  • Utilize the built-in Hashtag feature for automated article posting. Additionally, you can incorporate your brand's hashtag for each post, enhancing engagement. Customized hashtags can also be added for individual articles.

  • Hashtag


  • Adjust the posting frequency for each article, ensuring social media content is shared at the optimal pace.

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