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Add Instagram with Storefries:

Enhance Brand Visibility with Storefries: Integrate Instagram Seamlessly

In today's visually-driven world, Instagram stands as a powerful social media hub, offering businesses the ideal platform to showcase their products, foster audience engagement, and establish a robust brand presence. By integrating Instagram into your Storefries account, you open doors to streamline social media management and new avenues for growth. Here's a step-by-step guide to seamlessly blend your Instagram business account with Storefries.

Note:  "Only Instagram business accounts can be linked to our application. If you possess a personal Instagram account, converting it to a business account is a straightforward process outlined here [link] Click here"

1. Link Instagram Business Account to Facebook Page:

It's important to have your Instagram account linked to a Facebook page as well. To link your Instagram business account to a Facebook page, follow these steps

  • Access your Facebook account and navigate to your business page.
  • Click "Settings and Privacy" for a dropdown menu, then select "Settings".
  • Within settings, locate and click "Linked Accounts".
  • Follow the provided instructions to link your Instagram business account to your Facebook page.

  • Note:  "Only Facebook Page Admins can perform this linking."

    2. Connect Instagram Profile with Storefries on the Web:

  • Log in to your Storefries account and find the section for connecting social profiles.
  • Look for the "Add Instagram" option and give it a click.
  • Proceed by hitting "Continue" to move ahead with the integration.
  • Provide Facebook Credentials and Log In: Enter your Facebook credentials to authorize the Storefries-Instagram connection. Be assured that your privacy and data security are upheld by Storefries.
  • Choose Your Preferred Profile: After logging in, you'll see your connected profiles.
  • Select the desired Instagram business account from the list and add it to Storefries.

  • By merging Instagram with Storefries, you gain a centralized hub to:

  • Efficiently manage Instagram activities.
  • Schedule posts effectively.
  • Monitor engagement metrics.
  • Analyze performance comprehensively.

  • All these functions are streamlined in one place, enabling you to optimize your Instagram strategy, save time, and engage your target audience more effectively.

    Don't miss the window that Instagram opens for you. Today is the day to couple your Instagram business account with Storefries, unleashing the full potential of visual storytelling and brand elevation!

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