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Manage Social Accounts:

Easily Handle Your Social Media Accounts with Storefries

Confused about whether your social media profiles are properly connected to Storefries? Not sure about the meaning of different profile statuses? This article will explain the various statuses your profile can have and how to fix any issues.

Understanding Your Profile Status:

To get started, head over to "Social Sets & Access Groups" on Storefries web platform.

Managing Your Social Accounts:

  • Your connected social profiles are neatly displayed under "Social Accounts".
  • You can check out each social account separately – like your Facebook Page, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube, and Google My Business (GMB).
  • Want to add a new social account? No problem!
  • If needed, you can re-authorize your social accounts.
  • And if you decide to remove a social account, you can do that too.

  • Manage Social Accounts 01

    Setting Your Default Location:

  • Pick a social profile (Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram).
  • Enter or choose your location.
  • Hit save and make it your default setting.

  • Manage Social Accounts 02

    Managing Franchise Business or Grouped Social Accounts:

  • Within the "Social Accounts" section, click the "Add Group" button to create a new group of social accounts.
  • Name your group and select the social profiles you want in it.
  • Save it, and voilà – you've got a new group.

  • Manage Social Accounts 04

    Viewing Your Groups:

  • If you want to check out your groups, simply click the "Group" button in the "Manage Social Accounts" section.
  • Your newly created groups will be right there when you're making a new post.

  • With these simple steps, you'll be a pro at managing your social accounts on Storefries. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to smooth social media handling!

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