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You may use Instagram Reels to make eye-catching content that will promote interaction, brand recognition, and follower growth. Additionally, this is an excellent moment to start developing Reels for your company since Instagram is shifting its full focus toward video. Instagram Reels are quick videos that can last up to 90 seconds and are found under the Reels category. Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels offers vertical videos that you can scroll through for unending pleasure.

Reels on instagram give all companies a special chance to showcase the character of their company, create new connections with their audience, and advertise their goods or services. These are particularly effective for travel, behind-the-scenes, and short vlogs. I think these details are enough for us to know the importance of Instagram reels so we will start learning how to create them and much more.

Blog Contents

1.Instagram Reels

2.Create Instagram reels

3.Recommended Ratio and Video Size for Instagram Reels

4.Accessing the Instagram Reels Analytics


1.Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are vertical full-screen videos with a maximum runtime of 90 seconds. They have a large library of audio files, including everything from popular tunes to samples of other users' viral content, and a variety of special editing capabilities. video reels can also have several video clips, filters, captions, interactive backdrops, stickers, and more in addition to sounds.

Reels differ from Instagram Stories in several ways. They persist longer than 24 hours, different from Stories. A Reel that you upload remains to be visible on Instagram until it is deleted. What's the best? Reels are currently more likely to be recommended to individuals who don't follow you on Instagram than feed posts are. For social marketers, that is a major deal.

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video reels can also be found in a special area of the Instagram app. The Reels icon at the bottom of the Instagram app's home page gives access to a scrollable feed of trending Reels, also known as Instagram's take on the TikTok For You page. Reels for a certain user can be watched in a separate tab that is accessible above the account's Feed. The Explore tab also makes frequent appearances of reels. See our method for getting your material on the Instagram Explore page if you want to position your Reels for success with this potent discovery engine.

2.Create Instagram reels

2.1 Select the perfect options for your reels

  • Choose the ideal choices for your Instagram Reel before you start recording your video.
  • Click on the + sign in the top right corner of your screen to begin constructing your Reel.
  • You'll then need to change your settings to:
  • To choose the length of your video, click the length symbol on the reels screen. You have a choice of 15, 30, 60, or 90-second videos.
  • The playback speed of your video can also be chosen according to your wish. The typical, real-time speed is 1X. You may decide as well. If you wish to make a slow-motion video, use 3X or.5X. Additionally, you can choose a playback speed of 2X or 3X if you wish to accelerate things.
  • To choose your filters and effects, tap the star symbol. There are several speech effects, filters, and backdrops available.
  • If you wish to postpone when your Reel starts recording, you must establish a timer. You may pick the ideal countdown by using the slider. To record a hands-free Instagram Reel, set a timer for three to ten seconds.
  • select Add to include more images in your slideshow. You may add up to 10 images to your slideshow on Instagram.
  • Once all of the images have been uploaded, click the Preview button to watch the slideshow.
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    2.2 Mix it up with your favourite music

  • Including music in your videos is a fantastic way to make them feel alive and draw more viewers into your account. Do you want to know how to create musical Instagram Reels song? Follow these actions:
  • To add music to your Reel, select the music icon.
  • Find the ideal tune or choose one of your own choices.
  • Tap the album thumbnail in the left menu of your Reel to play a specific section of the song you've selected.
  • Select the song's section that you wish to include in your video.
  • Your music will start playing as soon as you start recording.
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    2.3 You can record a video

    Let's move on to the next stage of our Instagram Reels lesson, which is to record your video, now that you know how to create Reels on Instagram with music. To begin, just click the large record button in the bottom centre of your screen.

    You have the option to just make one video for the life of your Reel. You may also pause and start your movie to add entertaining elements, such as a costume or another person if you want to liven it up. Alternatively, you can mix several video segments into one lengthy film. Learn how to make several kinds of Instagram Reels video below: Making multi-scene Instagram reels: Follow these simple procedures to record and edit various video clips for your reel:

  • Begin recording your video
  • To stop recording when you're done, hit the record button once more.
  • When you have done recording all of your clips, repeat steps one and two.
  • Once you're done, all of your videos will play consecutively.
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    How to use the align tool to create Instagram Reels

    Are you unsure of how to utilise Instagram Reels' align tool? You may add or remove an item from your movie using the align tool to create a fun appearing or vanishing effect. Making it appear as though your object just appeared out of nowhere in your scene, might assist to begin your video where your previous clip finished.

    How to utilise the Instagram Reels align tool is as follows:
  • Begin the recording
  • To pause your video, press the record button once more.
  • For further settings, click the arrow on the left-side menu.
  • Tap the newly selected align setting.
  • Add a new item or alter your outfits into a new one.
  • Before you begin your new clip, align the translucent version of the last frame of your video.
  • start the recording again
  • Your clips should play back-to-back when you've completed filming, with the addition of your new item or costume appearing naturally in your video reels. Your Reel doesn't always need to begin from scratch. You can choose a pre-recorded video from your collection or the edited video you have created. Tap on the representation of your camera roll in the bottom left corner of your Reel editor and choose any video on your smartphone to open it in your Reel editor to add it to your Reel.
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    2.4 Text effects and stickers

    The addition of text is the subsequent stage in our Instagram Reels guide for 2024. After you've finished recording your Reel, you'll move to a new screen where you may edit your movie by adding text, stickers, and other effects like drawings. Click on the icons at the top of your screen to apply effects to your video.

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    Music note:

    You have another chance to add music to your Reel in this stage if you didn't decide to do so in step two but now think a song would be perfect for your video. To add a song, narration, or sound effect to your video, tap on the music note symbol.


    Click the happy emoji to add entertaining stickers and pop-ups to your Reel. You have the option of selecting one of the suggested stickers or searching for the ideal sticker for your video.


    Use the squiggly line icon to add text or pictures to your movie. To choose between other line kinds, such as thin, thick, luminous, or chalk lines, tap on the new icons at the top of the screen.


    To add text to your Reel, use the "Aa" text symbol. Select a font and color, then use your keyboard to type your message.


    If you haven't already, tap the stars symbol to add a filter to your Reel. If you wish to alter the text's duration, tap it and move the slider at the bottom to the desired position. You may add a GIF to your slideshow video by tapping the Sticker symbol, using the search box to choose one that is appropriate, and then tapping to add it to your film.

    2.5 Final touch

    In the lower right corner of your screen, choose Next when you are prepared to post your reel. You can use these options to finish your reel

  • Create a new reel cover. Either a frame from the movie or a picture from your camera roll can be added.
  • Create a captivating caption for your video that invites viewers to watch and describes it. When you post your caption, it will appear at the bottom of your Reel.
  • Add all the possible Hashtags which relate to your brand and your Reel as hashtags are the ones that will guide the users to your reels.
  • You can add a specific location to your reel to indicate the place where you spent or where you live.
  • Set Facebook suggestions to "on." If you choose this option, Facebook people who are most likely to find your material entertaining will see your Reel. To use this function, you don't need a Facebook account.
  • rename the audio file. You may give the audio you upload to your Reel a name that will appear in other users' Reels if they choose to utilise the sound. This will also make your video to be trending or even may go viral.
  • Turn on or off captions that are automatically created.
  • You can also opt to post Reel to your Instagram Feed, not to your account tab. The final step in creating an Instagram reel is sharing your video with your followers. To post your film to your profile and the Instagram Reels feed, just click the share icon at the bottom of your screen.
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    3.Recommended Ratio and Video Size for Instagram Reels

    Instagram Reels are intended to be seen vertically, in full-screen, and on mobile devices, much like Instagram Stories. It is ideal to produce instagram reels size content with a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution and a 9:16 aspect ratio. An excellent technique to maintain the ideal proportions is to shoot and edit entirely on a mobile device. Keep in mind that the video caption is shown at the bottom fifth of a reel. If at all possible, keep any significant aesthetic components out of this area.

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    4.Accessing the Instagram Reels Analytics

    For Instagram Reels, access insights are available. Two areas are where insights are available:

    On separate Reels

    the tab for Instagram insights

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    How to View Individual Reel Insights on Instagram:

    Follow these steps to get your Instagram Reel's analysis:

  • Open the Reel you wish to view insights on by going to the Reels tab on your profile page.
  • From here, pick "Insights" by tapping the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Users can view stats such as:
  • Plays: How many times has your Reel been played?
  • How many Instagram people saw your Reel? - Accounts Reached
  • How many people have liked your reel?
  • Comments: The number of remarks.
  • The number of times your Reel has been saved.
  • Shares: The number of Instagram users that shared your Reel on Instagram Stories or with another Instagram user.
  • Go to your Instagram profile and choose "Insights" to check how your Reels are doing generally. From this point, you may go through and compare the performance of your various Reels videos.


    Congratulations! You made and shared an Instagram Reel, and now it's time to start benefiting from more interaction and exposure for your company. Instagram Reels' phenomenal popularity has shown that short-form video content is here to stay. This new Instagram function has gained widespread appeal, spanning from individual producers to the largest businesses in the world. This post has previously demonstrated how simple it is to make an amazing reel using only photos in under five minutes.You can create instagram reels in storefries and schedule it for future in best time to post on instagram