10 Instagram story ideas to post for branding your account

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1.Why should we focus on Instagram Stories?

2.We'll also share some ideas for small businesses who want to use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.


Why should we focus on Instagram Stories?

This question will always pop up,what is an instagram story in our minds when we search for a new Instagram story idea to post to our account. And many more questions pop out and how to instagram story for a social media manager who manages the brand accounts because he needs to keep up with the content posting and trending.

The proper answer to these questions is Instagram Stories are fun, high engagement rate, and are simple to use. Also, stories can have many benefits which is listed below and in this article, we will talk about what are Instagram story and ideas that can influence your brand.

The story format is compatible with all platforms including Instagram, and Facebook - even Pinterest uses Idea Pins as a story in design. So when you make a story for one platform you can use it for all the other platforms.

They're Easy To Share And Engage With Customers.

stories in instagram are easy to share because they take up less space than regular posts. This makes them perfect for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Because they only take up a small portion of the screen, people tend to scroll through them quickly. As a result, they’re also ideal for engagement. People love to posting to instagram, comment on stories, so make sure to respond to comments as soon as possible.

Stories are easy to share and engage with customers. fact, according to a study from the University of California at Berkeley, people who read stories are more likely to buy products than those who read text posts. The reason?insta stories are visual, which makes them more memorable than other types of content.

They Help You Build Trust In Your Brand.

instagram story how to help you build trust in your brand by showing how your products and services work. It helps potential customers see what your business does and how it benefits others.

ig stories are one of the most engaging forms of content on social media. They help people connect emotionally with brands and products, which makes them incredibly valuable for businesses. When done well, they can build trust between customers and companies, and encourage repeat purchases.

They Can Be Used As An Effective Marketing Tool.

The best thing about using Instagram Stories is that they allow users to tell a story without having to write anything down. In fact, there’s no limit to how long a user can keep a story going. Users can add music to instagram story, add photos, videos, text, and a other elements to their stories, which makes them a great tool for businesses looking to connect with their customers.

If you’re looking to build customer loyalty, then you need to start telling stories. People love ig stories because they make us feel connected to others and help us understand what makes other people tick. So, when you share a story on Instagram, you’ll be able to connect with your followers in a personal way.

We'll also share some ideas for small businesses who want to use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.

Instagram is adding more and more features for stories to get more engagement from your followers. You have various options like adding music to instagram story, stickers, GIFs, and videos to grab more attention from your devotees. it's not hard to think of Instagram story ideas , but we need little assistance to be creative to get the content. You can now frequently reuse Instagram Stories as Instagram Reels too! Instagram Story Ideas are turning out to be more helpful constantly! Instagram is the most trending platform among the current generation so why dont you try to market your products in instagram for building a better reach and engagement

instagram story ideas

1. Spread word about your Live Stream, Event, or Podcast Episode

With countless choices to do live or recorded content, Instagram Stories can be an extraordinary method for announcing them to followers! Try these out in the next story of yours while recording an episode or live stream.

You can spread the word about your forthcoming Q&A or interview, on Instagram Live or Facebook Live on any other accounts. do a count down or report how long till it goes live Share a most loved or most engaging content or forthcoming episode of your show added with sound.

instagram story ideas

2. Make a shop story

Instagram released its shoppable Story stickers in 2019 which permits organizations and business people using Instagram to sell their items straight to their followers using their Instagram Stories. You can post it in your story with a unique sticker without requiring the client to "swipe up" and take him away from this application. There are a few necessities to get the sticker. You need to sell an actual item that consents to Instagram's policies, and you should have a business profile on Instagram.

instagram story ideas

3. Story takeover

An Instagram takeover is the feature in which you permit somebody who doesn't ordinarily have access to your Instagram account but you allow them to post on it for a single day. The person who takes over can be anyone can be a worker, co-worker, or your paid influencer whom you have working with to boost up your image. with the many ideas for the Instagram story, this is a great method for creating a unique value for your image. this may be fun content for your targeted audience and followers. the most spoken out talk is that when you work with an influencer you could gain reach and engagement with the audience.

instagram story ideas

4. Use IGTV

In June 2018, Instagram launched its TV (IG TV) which is Instagram's independent video application that permits its users to make lengthy videos. Users can also link their IGTV profiles to their Instagram profiles and provide their followers with a short clip of their channel on their Instagram Story feed.This is an incredible method for sharing lengthy videos with your followers. unverified users can also publish videos up to 10 minutes in length, while verified users can add videos up to long as one hour which is extended.

instagram story ideas

5. Use the Poll Option

"Which is better? this one or that one?"

Another best option that Instagram offers is the survey sticker for the users to put on their insta stories. It's so simple like the poll used on LinkedIn: Ask your followers a question with two choices and let them decide. Surveys are an incredible method to get the attention of the crowd and build your brand image. Best of all, there are lots of ways to take forward your survey.For instance, you can check the user's activity towards the story which you created by various reactions. Or you can simply, create a poll by providing your clients with a choice of two items you will post soon.

6. Share a Customer Testimonial

Getting positive reviews from different clients is great content to post in the story. but we may be a little hesitant about showcasing our successes. Try not to limit this happiness while creating Instagram Story. Posting reviews is really strong it's easy to grab the attention of your crowd. Also, when you consider that most clients these days depend on other reviews, why don't we add a couple of reviews?

Share Reviews from your current clients and users Request some of Your clients to share their success or how they used your service to get success for their business. You can also add a video testimonial because this would be more powerful than the messages - they can easily get the attention of the users.

instagram story ideas

7. Flaunt your workplace

Another Instagram Story idea to post is to flaunt your office or your workspace — regardless of where it is and how it is. This gives your followers a cool thought of how you are in your background by looking at how your workspace is. this creates a much more big trust in your followers and straightforwardness with your branding image.

The most outstanding aspect: You don't require a genuine office to show something off. It tends to be a small shop which you're working from, or you can add the private view from your favourite seat, or go to someplace grand like the ocean side.

8. Challenges and Giveaways

Assuming you truly need to turbocharge your engagement numbers, you can hold a giveaway or challenge for your followers. The award can be anything from a free trial of your brand s service, to a few examples of your item. It simply relies upon what your items are!

With giveaways and challenges, you can ask your followers to effectively take part in it. You need to ask them to do the following to take part in it

  1. Share your Instagram Story and/or post.
  2. Mention somebody in the comment of the post.
  3. DM somebody your Instagram Story or post.
  4. Use your marked or brands hashtag.
  5. Like your post.
instagram story ideas

9. Instructional Exercises and How-to's

Marketing is all about giving significant and informative data to your followers. what is much better than teaching someone which is valuable through instructional videos? what is stories on instagram? Your Instagram Story is the ideal stage for tips and significant quotes to post.

Extraordinary makeup bloggers posts their famous cosmetics videos from the brands which make their followers force to get that product and try it out using the videos. It's an incredible method for getting the attention of the followers which guides them to use it in their everyday lives.

10. Interview Someone

Giving your followers a look at the background of your business will be a good option to build trust and people will know how transparent your brand is. Make it simple by asking the employees about their job , what they do, and their opinion on working with your brand.


These Instagram Story ideas will be enough, to begin with, your Instagram content calendar to schedule all your content ideas. Storefries gives you a big calendar enough to schedule all your future posts in a single social media management tool added with location services.