Storefries improves the common way of arranging,
creating, and scheduling, on-brand content

quality content

Save Your time by making quality content

create, curate, schedule, and then publish content that connects with your audience in a single dashboard

Planning Post

Plan your posts effortlessly

Get a moment to outline distributed and planned content across the entire organisation in a single schedule view. Map out crusades, fill out the content gaps, and work together. Suspend all planned work when you want to respond to any emergency or if you get any new chance.

high-performing content

Make high-performing content

Make content, which is engaging with your posts by Composer and preview it. Access to resource libraries, image editing. Composer auto-changes the tallness, and width to match each network's Requirements.

Work with your team members

Work with your team members,

Get some suggestions on on-branded content and alter it with your colleagues in drafts before it goes live. Add a name to the post for simple reference, and alter, copy drafts to save time making your next posts or campaigns.

unique content

Source incredible content from all over

Get incredible content from your region with our dashboard which hunts content by hashtag, area, or keyword.

social media scheduling

Make Sure Your posts are ready to go live

The head of the team approves the post after checking it and it can be sent to the partners before it goes live.
So we can make sure the post is processed properly.

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