Schedule and publish your post with Storefries Extension

You don't need to manually go to the application to schedule and publish your upcoming posts or images or links when you have a new extension to do that work for you in seconds Keep away the untidy tabs and lift your efficiency of the workflow by allowing Storefries extension to post anywhere - any place you are.

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Why should you use Storefries Browser Extension?

Whether it may be any text, pictures, GIFs, videos, or links, you can undoubtedly post everything to your multiple profiles in a single click Connect with your audience by posting wherever you are to keep in touch. Use This extension, to schedule and post content across all your social media profiles in one.

Create posts anywhere with storefries extension

1. Create posts anywhere with storefries extension

  • Storefries browser plugin makes it simple to share and schedule content.
  • In reality, all it takes are a few quick clicks to complete this! Once the browser extension has been added to Chrome or Firefox, you will see the Storefries icon will show up on the toolbar and ask you to log in when you click it.
  • You may easily share articles and schedule posts with a single create post button.
  • you will be redirected to the composer where you can create posts with images, emojis, hashtags, and locations.
  • If you want to schedule the posts Simply choose your desired time and date, click "later," and then click the icon to add the material to the queue. It is that convenient.

  • 2. Share your favourite content

  • There are a lot of articles that inspire, Tips and tricks which you like, and some unique ideas that your audience will go crazy!
  • That is the reason we allow you to choose a text, click on it,
  • pick 'the option to share the selected content to post with storefries browser extension
  • When you select the option, the text will default goes to the composer and hit the post button straightly
  • or else you can also change the type of the text and add more details to it like more hashtags, location tagging, emoji, and more
  • choose the ideal time and image then schedule it away!
  • Share your favourite content

    Share link

    3.Share link

  • Most People tend to look at posts only when it's useful for them or important so social marketers and managers would post a how-to, instructions, manuals of the editorials, and much more through links
  • We got you covered in this situation you can just right-click on a particular connection and pick 'share link with storefries
  • While adding these links to your page make sure you add CTAs to redirect your traffic to your website.

  • The reason why you should use the browser extension

  • The browser extension can boost your business productivity by minimizing all your work tasks in small time without spending much
  • It can also help you to increase your ROI and time management skills in your business
  • You can find all the functionalities in the single browser which helps you to post the contents, images, videos, and links with hashtags, and emoji, and also you can reply to the comments of the notifications you receive.
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