Small businesses are using Storefries rather than Hootsuite

A solopreneur cant put all his money and efforts into such high time and money consuming apps.
so we have got you a simple tool to manage all your social media accounts in reasonable plans for all the businesses.

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No credit card required

storefries vs Hootsuite

Storefries’s inclusive plans help you access all the features your need. In comparison, Hootsuite requires you to purchase
separate subscriptions.

Supported Platforms Storefries social connection Hootsuite social connection
No of social Accounts Unlimited Limited
Media Library 20GB total Limited to 10MB per image
Support Format Images,Gif and Videos
Ai-Post ideas
Publishing and Scheduling
Scheduling posts(Unlimited)
Virtual Calender
Auto Hashtag
Default Location
Franchise & Grouping
Content Discovery
Discovery the trending Content
User Feed (Unlimited)
Google and Youtube Trends
Real-Time Post
Replay Comment and Like
More benefits
Design on canva and Bitly
Performancy Summary
Trending content in your city
Support service
Live chat
Support team Yes 24/7 Yes 24/7
Email support

No credit card required

Hootsuite Pricing

Simple tool with the astonishing features

No need to pay a high price for all the features which storefries can provide you at an economy rate. BYE to all the Tools which have a complicated user interface and a high price to kill your purse.

Get more for less price. Connect all your accounts, import RSS feeds, and more in single clicks. Storefries are developed to match the necessities of your small and medium organizations.

Give Your Brand A boost in the competitive marketing field with storefries features.

Unique And simple UI and intuitive Dashboard

Our simple dashboard has no complex mechanism for you to learn before starting to work with it. You needn't bother to be an expert to figure out how to work with the storefries dashboard. If you have any queries related to the storefries you can solely depend on our support team.

storefries  pricing

Location-based tool to target your audience to drive more traffic for your business

Using the location option you can highlight and target the specific location audience to create awareness about your brand image. The location-based audience can boost your service and sales.

Open Access To All The Features

Giving you access to the special features even in the trial so that you can get to know about storefries. There is no need to buy any other add-ons or applications to help you with scheduling your posts on social media. Go straight to premium features like content curation, Trending content, location targeting, and some more.

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Start working with Storefries that can provide everything you need to engage, discover, plan & connect.