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A Complete Social Media Customer Service Tool

No need to sign into various social media platforms to deal with your online media works separately. Tool to take care of your clients and supporters.

Unified Inbox for Rapid Response

Manage social media interactions on Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin - from one collaborative inbox - in real-time.


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  • customer satisfication

    High Engagement With Customers

    Create a close link with your clients with better and quick replies Tell clients about how much you value their dedication. customize your remarks with preferences, pictures, and emojis.Get a consistent client experience.


    Stay informed about the activity on your page. Get instant notifications for messages and comments in your email, browser and mobile device.

    Advance Filters

    Use these Advanced filters to separate channels to assist you to focus on a single channel at a time


    A detailed list of your many social media accounts with engagement, and reach followers, following.

    This helps users to create more powerful insights for their profiles.


    Get what you want with a simple inquiry. Use keywords, profiles, or headings to get a specific topic that you are searching for.

    Also, a set of current trending lists is included with keywords added to the dashboard to choose which data you need.

    This helps you to get data from the specified trending topic without any trouble.

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