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Content Curation Tool To Format your content

With Storefries you can get the important data that you need to share with your customers. Content curation is a method for finding and distributing content that can help you to increase your site traffic.

Content Curation Process

Find And Share New and Updated Content

Use The Content Discovery module to get well-researched trending topics from the changing trends. Storefries uses a complex scoring algorithm that can test the content quality before it's updated in the user database. Instantly curated data, Publish for creating a high traffic and conversion rate for your site.

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Filled with Content Ideas

Storefries has added a variety of topics so that you won't need to get any content on your own. Select the topic which interests you and will get formatted articles in your everyday feed. Pick the ones that match your business and make sure the topic is trending. You can curate the content which your followers crave.

Client Targeted Custom Topic Feeds

Client Targeted Custom Topic Feeds

Are You Looking for premade content in a custom subject feed Storefries has the right Query Builder for you. Use the set of AND, OR, and NOT boolean activities to pick out a highly designated custom topic. Make your custom selection by including or removing keywords.

Use Influencer Marketing to gain more confidence

It's pleasing to see a small affirmation on the post which you are going to share that can create genuine traffic. Also, Storefries shows you the top characters in your field if they have shared similar data. This helps you feel support for your certainty as well as commitment too.

Magnificent Cover Stories For Access

StoreFries works in the manner in which you can share your curated content on all your social channels. With the top Cover Stories, from time to time in the selected topics you can add them to the posts. Adding the viral data to your posts will make you be on top of your niche traffic.

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