Social Media Management For Small Business

Storefries possess countless features added in a single tool that can help you to proficiently manage all your social media channels. Any small company can get genuine worth from Searching, distributing, automating, and analysing social media content.

Find trending Content related to Your Industry

Find trending Content related to Your Industry

Regardless of how small your business is or different with its niche, Storefries's Searching module will find the trending content. Utilise this content to instruct your audience about your business. Also, check for the engagement insights and influencers who also had posted similar data in real-time.

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Choose the content which is relevant to the Audience

Entrepreneurs or small business people have too much going on with the company so we storefries will help you to work on the content without any troubles. Find the important content considered as pearls in your industry and add it to your site to acquire more attraction with fewer efforts. Storefries cover the whole publishing process from drafts, scheduling, queueing on all your social media channels from one window. The objective is to save your valuable time which can be used in any case.

Mechanise Content Scheduling And Publishing

Mechanise Content Scheduling And Publishing

With Storefries you can automate all your social media. Make custom queries around your valuable keywords or pick your cherished content sources to occasionally publish content to all your social media channels. Utilise the creative content schedule to reliably publish and develop your crowd.

Social Analytics For A successful Strategy

As you are a small business you need to get the full value that you use in social media. Storefries gives you a detailed report on your site analytics and engagement to get a clear view of your site progress. This helps you to go with the choices that help you the most and also finetunes your social media to get the greatest result.

Create Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Engrave your Brand picture in Your Audience's brain by branded short links or URLs while posting your content. Storefries help you to create your custom URL with shorteners that can empower you to make your work easy. You can also make CTA target the audiences with a compelling message to turn towards your post.

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