Storefries - an easy to use alternative tool of agorapulse

The interface of the agorapulse dashboard is a little complicated for new users that's why people are switching to storefries which has a simple and easy-to-use user interface.

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No credit card required

storefries vs Agorapulse

Storefries’s inclusive plans help you access all the features your need. In comparison, Agaropulse requires you to purchase
separate subscriptions.

Supported Platforms Storefries Social Connection Storefries Social Connection
No of social Accounts Unlimited Limited
Media Library 20GB total Limited to 5mb per image
Support Format Images,Gif and Videos
Ai-Post ideas
Publishing and Scheduling
Scheduling posts(Unlimited)
Virtual Calender
Default Location
Franchise & Grouping
Content Discovery
Discovery the trending Content
User Feed (Unlimited)
Google and Youtube Trends
Real-Time Post
Replay Comment and Like
More benefits
Design on canva and Bitly
Performancy Summary
Trending content in your city
Support service
Live chat
Support team Yes 24/7 No
Email support

No credit card required

Agorapulse Pricing

Why pay more, pay less

Agorapulse’s monthly plan can get you access to connect 20 social media accounts for $199 per month. Storefries pro plan will cover your financial budget while building your organisation. For a small or medium business 20, social media can be a little less when handling multiple clients. So storefries knows all your pain and we have created a pro plan with all the features of agorapulse. You can connect an unlimited number of social media accounts at just $45 per month using the storefries pro plan.

Beginner level user interface

The simple user interface of storefries makes the beginner work like a pro in the team or organisation. The main disadvantage of the tough user interface is it makes things difficult for beginners to understand the workflow which makes it much more time-consuming. Budding organisations don't have extra time to waste in learning the complexity of the applications rather than switching to the easy ones.

The best support is from friends

Supporting a new organisation is the best thing they expect from others, that's why we have removed all the bots from our support team. We have added persons in our chat team who will treat you friendly and clarify all your doubts related to storefries. There will be no need for you to wait for a full day. We will stay 24/7 to help you. contact us anytime to get the best support.

storefries  pricing


Content is the most important aspect of social media. We have created an AI tool to work with you exclusively to create unique content ideas every time you need content for your post or website. AI-generated content will help you build your organisation without consuming all your time for content creation.

Trending in your city

Keeping up with the trend is the most known way to stay ahead of your competitors on social media. You need to post the trending content in your account to get more traffic and awareness for your brand. This will boost your audience reach in no time.

Location Targeting

Targeting the particular audience in your location or a specific location is a must. it will help you get a better understanding of the audience's needs and interests in your business. Gathering the interest of the audience will make it easy for you to get them to know about your business and also in that way you can make them interested in your business.

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