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Each of the significant social media networks has its peculiar analytics and insights dashboards that offer a few extra bits of knowledge into all the activity done by the organisation. This is the way to get your company information and results presented by the social media networks themselves. So now let's get to know how to access these native social media analytics with the native network and you can also check out storefries for your local business

Blog Contents

1.Facebook Insights

2.Instagram Insights

3.Twitter Analytics

4.LinkedIn Analytics

1.Facebook Insights

Can be Accessed by all Page admins, Facebook Insights shows you all the details behind your posts, your followers, and your engagement reach. Also, from the Insights tab, you can set up a set of important Pages which needs constant monitoring, which gives you data in the visual representation of all the other Facebook pages. You can also create a business facebook pages for better visibility.

How to GO --
  1. Click the Insights tab in the menu bar of your Facebook Page.
  2. You can tap on individuals at the lower part of any singular post
  3. In your Page's timeline see a setup of the full details for that post.

2. Instagram Insights

Assuming that you have an Instagram Business Account, you will approach Instagram Insights — Instagram's local in-application analytics. It offers a thorough scope of information about your profile, posts, stories, and promotions. It additionally has point-by-point data about your followers like their most dynamic times and days.

How to GO --
  1. If you have an individual Instagram profile,
  2. you'll have to change it over into a instagram Business Account
  3. Go to your profile page in the application,
  4. tap the menu symbol in the upper-right corner, and tap Insights.
  5. In the Audience segment, you get information on the normal times when your adherents are on the web.
  6. You can utilize this to decide your best opportunity to post on Instagram.

3.Twitter Analytics

Twitter gives a 28-day synopsis of your profile and shows you how it has acted as far as profile visits, supporter development, tweet impressions, and notices. It likewise provides you with an social media analysis of the impressions your tweets are getting, as well as details on comments,

for example, retweets, mentions, top choices, and clicks. You can export every one of the information and run a few pretty new reports for yourself.

How to GO --
  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. go to
  3. Clicking on the bar diagram symbol of any of your tweets will show a total breakdown of the commitment on the tweet,
  4. clicks for URLs, click the username, clicks on pictures.

4. LinkedIn Analytics

A page belongs to your organisation or association, you can follow engagement with your updates as well as see different metrics and ranges about your followers and guests. In the event that you've improved your Page with LinkedIn Career Pages, you can additionally use Talent Brand details.

How to GO --
  1. To get to the LinkedIn Page examination, sign in to your Page administrator centre,
  2. Click the Analytics tab in the menu
  3. select Updates, Followers, or Visitors from the dropdown.
  4. The Visitor metrics for your Company Page show a blue line in the desktop view and an orange line depicting the mobile views.
  5. Flip the mobile view and desktop view measurements choice at the upper right to see the joined results.

You can also manually use free social media analytics tools gther the data for multiple platforms