How to do social media branding in 2024

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social media branding

The importance of brand interaction is revolutionized by social media, becoming the essential touchpoint between brands and their customers. According to statista, In April 2024, there were 5.18 million users worldwide from this 4.89 billion were social media users. And you know what? This number going to be skyrocket to nearly 6 billlion by 2027. Yes that's a huge number of audience your brand can possibly reach on social media.

This is the reason why the social media become the effective tool for branding and influence..

Here we go....

What is social media branding mean?

Social media branding is art of displaying our brand image while continuously engage with your target audience across multiple social media platforms, simply it is the way of presenting your brand image on social media.

Why is Branding the important for business success?

The heart of your brand's image lies on your company morals, values, personality and ideas. These are the face of your brand, the path through which your customers become aware of your brand. A strong brand identity not only support your brand - it push it forward, it instantly interact to your customers who you are and why they should car about your exclusive offerings. To construct and retain this identity create a sequence of compelling narratives that your customers can personally connect with. This storytelling process at it core, what branding is all about.

How to build your brand on social media for a Business Include?

Be unique and want to differentiate your products and your company from your competitors. Let inspect the major component for social media branding strategies for your business.

1. Consistent Brand Identity

A brand identity on multiple social media platforms matters for brand recognition

Why does that matters,

When customers easily identify your brand, then they are more likely to purchase from your brand and commit to long term relationship with your brand. That's why it is important to stick with one color and one logo to set a visual branding guidelines. These visual elements and other colors help your customers to easily identify your brand.

Let assume, if your brand logo is not exciting and related to social media, Or if the content you posted on social media is lacked consistent . Would your brand become unique? Unlikely To build a irreplaceable brand on social media you have to stick with one color, font and design. This will easily remember your brand on customer mind.

Take KFC, for instance. Their founder image on red and white color combination is iconic enough to recognize their brand from a distance. They using the same logo across all their social media profiles.

Consistent Brand Identity

Notice how they created post with red and white asethetics

post gallery of instagram

2. Defined Brand Voice and Tone

This one sounds interesting because do find yourself using certain words or phrases more frequently on real life and also on social media? You might be on the way to set up your brand voice. Your brand voice is communicated through multiple social media platforms, it's a formal phrase, cheeky phrase or informative. it eflects your brands personality. At the same time, your tone influence how your customer react when they heard about your brand

Defined Brand Voice and Tone

Even the tone when they reply back in comments is casual

casual reply on comment.jpg

3. Engaging Content

Social media branding strategies shows which type of content you produce. Your content not only stick with your brand guidelines at the same time it should also resonate with your target audience

Take a look of Monster energy drink, for example, what's the first thing that strikes your mind? adventure right?, to deliver to the adventure expecting audience, you can able to see their adventure performane through social media platforms, mostly on instagram.

Engaging Content

Monster energy drink make adventure sports videos especially for what their brand is for energy.

4. Active Community Engagement

Posting frequently on social media is ok. But there is lot more to do for your social media branding journey. you need to active for your audience conversation to engage with them.

Are they expressing a choice to look a selected kind of publish or one featuring a specific product? Share such posts throughout all of your social media channels. Has a person left a negative review in your brand? Extend your apologies and notice if you may transform their negative revel in right into a positive one.

5. Use of Relevant Platforms

Are you jumping Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and other social media platforms simultaneously? if yes then you need to find out a way before your leg burn.

Initially social media branding ,ight seems like easy. it requires specific time and effort. Before exhaustion, its important to choose the right social media platforms for your brands. But how? The answer is understanding of your target audience. You have to find out when your target audience are most active on social media. Next set your business goal with your social media objectives. To improve brand awareness, generate leads, or drive traffic? For that choose the social media channels that assist to accomplishment.

At last keep an eye on your competitors social media branding strategies to identify where they are lagging to make strategies according to it.

6. Optimized Profiles

Optimize your social media profiles make sure your brand makes a good first impresion on a profile. First strenghten your brands credibility.

  • Upload clear
  • Use cover photo
  • Write an engaging bio that tells about your brand
  • Insert a link to your website on your bio
  • If you have a physical address mention that
  • Highlight your latest product
adidas bio

7. Effective Use of Social Media Tools

Most of the social media platforms have the unique features. Let's take schedule post feature, For example TikTok allows you to schedule posts from 15 minutes to 10 days in advance, while instagram allows you plan up to 75 days ahead

tiktok advance setting schedule posts

Scheduling posts the use of those platform-particular tools allows you devise a cohesive timetable, mainly beneficial in case your brand operates multiple social media accounts. This way, even in case you lose tune of essential events, you could create content earlier and make certain it gets posted at the specific date. You also can leverage platform-particular analytics tools to enhance engagement.

Meta Business Suite, for example, offers distinct insights approximately your content material and audience on Facebook and Instagram, as does LinkedIn analytics for every posts and page. But how does analytics tie into engagement? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

8. Regular Monitoring and Updating

Whether if you are frequently posting on social media is low, always track your brand performance. This will assist you to decide that your strategies working or not. For example, if brand's usual messaging is not working towards your audience and expanding your reach, it may be level up your game.

Let's look audience insight from Meta Business Suite for certain brand.

audience insight

9. Collaborations and Partnerships

Do you want to know the unique strategies followed by souled store rise as a fashion brand? Let's uncover their social media strategies, particularly Instagram.

It was founded in June 2013, the brand decided to showcase their unique designs with influencers like sports icons, social media influencers etc. the result was stunned everyone because now the souled store acquired 4 million plus happy customers.

This brand collaborate with other brands to promote their products, the reason behind this strategy is to get more impression and engagement from both brands audience and also They gifted these influencers a clothes in exchange for a post about their products.

influencer brand posts

The Secret strategies followed by souled store is to following trends, For example the make designs inspired by Anime, Avengers.

anime concept video

10. Clear and brief Messaging

Your communication with your audience is a bridge to build relationship with your customers and this is the most important part of your social media branding strategy. This includes your comments on social media, captions, and DMs or private messages.

For example tae this Pringles, the connect with parents and kids but they specifically promote their product as a healthy snack compared to candy, this may catch the attention of parents to buy pringles instead of candy

tweet of pringles


Posting on social media may be a top notch manner to construct your brand and enhance your online presence. But with increasingly brands joining the fray, social media branding has by no means been more critical – and competitive, too. The secret is to prevent seeing social media as a branding tool and begin seeing it as a manner to engage with your audience truly. Keep your clients interested by your content through humanizing your brand voice. You additionally want to preserve brand consistency throughout social platforms. It’s now no longer going to be a cakewalk, however if you’re patient and take little steps towards building brand on social media, it won’t be long earlier than you get there.