Social Media Marketing Guide for Hotels and Resorts

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Social Media Marketing Guide for Hotels and Resorts

There once was a time when trying to find a hotel might start by browsing the internet, clicking via contrast websites, or perhaps even looking for suggestions from print or tv adverts.

Plenty of customers these days look to social media with regards to selecting an area to stay. Whether customers are searching for recommendations from relied on influencers, following journey accounts that share wanderlust-inducing content, or simply searching out a brand name they’ve visible before – platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or even Pinterest are famous sources of inspiration.

Establishing a presence on social media is important for hotels and resorts that need to stay relevant and entice younger customer demographics, in particular the ones in locations in which opposition is fierce. A hotel’s online presence is a huge a part of what makes it a suitable location to stay, so growing an powerful social media strategy need to be a concern for brands that need to grow their customer base and gain popularity withinside the industry. Whether you’re simply beginning out with social media marketing or seeking out new methods to increase your approach, right here are the ten excellent ideas to include on your method.

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1. Show Your Face(s)

One of the most important advantages of social media is that it allows you to expose a much more personal side of your brand. It’s even greater impactful in case you put a face, or multiple faces, to the name of your hotel.

Instead of a completely business-orientated online presence, displaying actual people to your images and videos will assist your fans to increase what feels like a human connection, strengthening their relationship with your brand.

Featuring content with your employees talking at once to the audience (or the camera) will increase the impact and offer engaging content to watch. By providing employees to your social media channels, your hotel and resorts right away seems greater “human.” Potential clients get an concept of who they may be interacting with and the hotel’s environment if they visit, which could assist to plant the concept of creating a booking more firmly of their thoughts by letting them imagine a stay.

2. Utilize Short Form Video

Social media users have short attention spans.

Given the extensive quantity of content available – from all forms of brands – your hotel wishes to make sure that what you’re sharing receives noticed.

Short-form video is possibly the maximum famous content format on the moment, in particular with the upward push of social media systems like TikTok. You can create and percentage films on Instagram as “Reels” as well, or maybe put brief clips on Facebook, your website, or in email marketing material to attain a much broader audience with this incredibly enticing content. You can do a lot with brief-form video, from hopping on viral trends to undertaking mico interviews with staff and customers.

Utilize Short Form Video

3. Tie-up With Influencers

 Tie up With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a brilliant method for hotels looking to enhance their social media marketing strategy. Not only can it assist generate new content, however it additionally widens your attain to potential new customers and may assist enhance your brand image by association. Hotels have many alternatives to select from when growing an influencer marketing strategy.

For example, you could:

  • Offer paid trips to travel or life-style influencers and inspire them to share their experiences with their followers.
  • Offer the resort as a venue for an influencer’s event. That way, it could appear of their content and event guests’ content.
  • Develop a partnership in which an influencer shares several pieces of content without delay promoting your hotel and the experience on offer.
  • Set up a loyalty program with influencers offering discounted stays once they promote your hotel or create an specific discount for his or her followers.
  • Work with an influencer to create and famous person in an advertising campaign.

While selecting a travel influencer to work with is the most honest option, don’t permit your industry to restrict you. Think approximately your hotel’s target audience, after which locate influencers whose fans overlap with this demographic, and don't forget innovative approaches wherein you may work together.

4. Offer Exclusivity

Offer Exclusivity

Sharing steady content throughout all channels is important on social media, however so is offering something exclusive on each platform. That way, your followers are recommended to interact together along with your hotel’s profiles on one of a kind platforms, which enhances engagement and allows to set up your brand reputation.

Exclusivity on social media seems like sharing unique content and providing your followers insight that they won’t get on any other social media platform, which would possibly involve:

  • Running competitions.
  • Giving sneak peeks into new rooms or facilities.
  • Offering discounts.
  • Letting fans get involved in customizing and designing or choosing features of latest services.

Not only will you inspire engagement throughout all your accounts, however this additionally creates a more sense of an “unique community” amongst your followers, which enables to strengthen customer loyalty.

5. Keep eye on seasons

Keep eye on seasons

Seasonality is something that each one hotels and resorts generally tend to recall on the subject of sales, however it’s additionally without a doubt something you should aspect into your social media strategy.

You’ll probably have different goals primarily based totally on whether or not it’s the excessive or off-season in your hotel, so firstly, ensure that the social posts you’re sharing align with those goals and are seeking to capitalize on top season interest.

On the turn side, you should also tailor your social content to maintain followers or enhance engagement at quieter times of the 12 months by supplying promotions or spotlighting distinct reviews to inspire bookings.

Seasonality additionally refers back to the different vacations or annual activities that take vicinity at some stage in the 12 months, which you may also subject matter your social media content round. Content themed round vacations or events is much more likely to get shared throughout the celebration and has extra capability to move viral, making it a awesome manner to enhance your posts’ reach.

6. Be Quick With Replies

Be Quick With Replies

Whether you’re active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or maybe LinkedIn, quickly replying to comments or mentions may be very important.

Things pass speedy withinside the digital world, and most social media users anticipate instant gratification or responses. Replying or interacting with feedback on social media may appear tedious, however it advantages your brand in numerous ways. First, it allows your audience to sense heard and acknowledged. Whether you’re managing a criticism or genuinely imparting thank you for a review, replying on your customers will assist increase relationships, make your customer support feel more personal, and inspire extra reviews.

Replying and engaging in conversations with your fans also boost your brand image withinside the eyes of different followers which might be clearly looking those interactions.

If your hotel will become referred to as a business that cares about and listens to its customers, you’ll benefit a positive recognition and once more inspire greater interaction. That facilitates enhance your content’s overall performance on social media.

Finally, being quick to reply to feedback or mentions of your brand online allows manage the response it gets. In positive cases, this could suggest sharing and making the maximum of a sparkling review from a customer or influencer to reinforce its reach, however in negative contexts, it also way hastily fixing customer troubles and stopping any complaints from blowing up and damaging your popularity.

7. Do Actions based on comments

Leading on from that final point, make sure you include a remarks loop into your social media strategy.

Recognizing and responding to comments is one thing, however taking motion is another.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram deliver your customers a direct way of letting you realize what they think about your hotel and the services you provide, supplying an exceptionally sincere method with a purpose to pick out what your brand wishes to improve.

If you need to develop your following and hold a fantastic brand image, you need to take motion primarily based totally on what your followers are telling you they need to see.

For example, you would possibly share a behind-the-scenes excursion of a place of your hotel, which generates masses of interest and receives lots of feedback sharing approval. As nicely as sharing this successful submit throughout your channels, don't forget making a sequence of comparable portions of content to capitalize at the interest it generated. Alternatively, possibly you’ve acquired more than one opinions or feedback declaring that your reserving system is complex or that contacting customer services is unnecessarily difficult.

Instead of simply resolving those troubles on a case-by-case basis, study out of your followers and alternate the structures inflicting issues. In instances in which customer feedback have triggered motion, it is able to be beneficial to publicly announce your modifications because of remarks, as this demonstrates which you pay attention in your followers and are committed to enhancing their experience.

8. Learn From Top-Performing Content

Speaking of taking action, you could also adapt and hone your social media strategy primarily based totally on which of your posts are maximum successful.

Analyzing engagement and reputation is the quality manner to discover what your fans need on the subject of content, searching at metrics such as:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Engagement in the first few hours of posting
  • Reactions of followers in the comments or replies

Once you’ve identified a success social media content, pull out particular additives which could have contributed to this, along with topic, format, length, or tone. Then, reflect those additives throughout different content in unique combinations to get a good clearer concept of what's supporting it carry out higher and expand an method to social media posts with a excessive threat of achievement each time.

9.Focus on Facebook and Instagram Ads

Focus on Facebook and Instagram Ads

When developing innovative and dynamic social media content, Facebook won't be the obvious choice. Still, it's far one of the excellent channels to invest in in case you need to apply paid advertising as a part of your hotel’s social media marketing strategy.

Paid Facebook ads get your hotel marketing material in the front of customers that aren’t enticing with your content however belong to a demographic this is a part of your target audience. It’s a tremendous way to develop your following and enhance brand recognition, and also can be a wonderful technique of growing conversions if making a decision to apply retargeting as a part of your technique. Since the identical corporation owns Facebook and Instagram, you may also use the same marketing equipment to create paid advertisements on Instagram.

The audiences you’re focused on and the style of advertisements you create will possibly be exclusive, however Instagram is any other top notch platform to invest in in case you need to growth visibility and drive extra traffic for your hotel’s website. This technique to social media marketing may be high-priced if now no longer well monitored, so recollect beginning with a small budget and trying out exclusive strategies till you locate one which brings repeated results. Facebook is a excellent platform to try this on as it offers you a variety of data on how properly your advertisements are performing, which lets you drill down into what desires tweaking and what's working properly about every technique.

10. Request Trip Advisor Reviews

Request Trip Advisor Reviews

While it might not look like an ordinary social media channel, TripAdvisor is a platform with a huge network of followers that may significantly affect your hotels and resort’s image.

As a hotel, you could declare your list at the website after which replace the information to make sure that you have a profile that aligns with your brand picture and appears attractive to customers browsing the website. You also can get analytics to your hotel primarily based totally on TripAdvisor data, which may be very beneficial if you’re the use of the website as a key a part of your marketing strategy. Another advantage of being active on TripAdvisor is that it lets in you to have interaction with and reply to the evaluations that clients leave. I’ve already spoken above about the advantages that engaging with feedback can deliver for your picture.

That concept is specifically applicable on TripAdvisor, in which capacity customers can be analyzing opinions and seeing how your brand responds to comments and praise.


In conclusion, social media marketing is a game-changer for hotels and resorts. It empowers them to hook up with their target audience, show off their specific offerings, and construct a loyal customer base. By harnessing the strength of social media platforms, properties can raise their brand, boom bookings, and stay in advance withinside the competitive hospitality industry. Embracing social media marketing is now not a choice however a essential method for achievement withinside the digital age.