The Effects Of Social Media Marketing In Sports

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The effects of social media marketing in sports

Sports is the most influenced event on social media due to that vast number of big companies utilize the sports events for their social media marketing to create a brand awareness of their product or services.

Sports and Athletics is not just a game it’s a emotions for people all around the world, you can experience many emotions like , joy, passion, pride, sadness, fear, anxiety, shame or guilt. It connects the people physically and mentally towards a certain place or events. When you talk about connecting people from different countries or regions social media platform plays a crucial role and act as connecting bridge for your audiences. Sports such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, have humangous audiences .

In sports its splits into international(represents their own country) and clubs(represents certain clubs within the country),international games are played fewer matches compared to club matches ,Let's talk about huge followers of sports(football) contains more number of audiences among all sports, According to FIFA around more than 5 billion people turning into the action

social media marketing in sports

For brand awareness, revenue and sponsorships

Nowadays , from small organization to MNC's(Multi National Companies) are investing their money on advertisements on real time sports events for social media marketing, Because they know sports events organize and bring huge number of views from social media and other platforms for a single game, due to that displaying their Advertisement may bring them more engagements. you can see that many new brands are more focused on sports events to display their advertisement for brand awareness and promotions to get more attention from the audiences because displaying advertisements on real-time sports help to get more impression and engagements, the events get more sponsorships due to huge following on social media pages. In many social media platforms contains live streaming options from where they can enjoy their sports, at the same time you can utilize this opportunity to promote your brand on social media

For example, Football tournaments like The Premier League, Laliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Superliga Argentina are the top 5 football league with more number audiences.

For brand awareness revenue and sponsorships

Sports influencers in social media marketing:

For the clear understanding of social media marketing in sports , Let's take anyone of sports influencer .For example, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (Football)he is considered as the greatest of all time (GOAT) in football history at the same time he is the most followed induvidual person on instagram with 585M(million)followers(still counting) and he is most influenced person on the earth right now , He played Top 3 football leagues and won every trophies

Let's discuss about how? why? and the effects of social media marketing in sports, You all heard of Nike brand which is an American multinational corporation .More famous for design and manufacturing for football shoes and make partnership with most talented players for wear their brand, For example Nike is the sponsor of Cristiano Ronaldo In 2016 he signed a 1 billion worth deal with Nike,So what are the main advantages of Nike by sigining Cristiano Ronaldo , Because he has the more number of followers in facebook and instagram, advertising their brand with ronaldo they easily got more impression and engagement due to that they generated 500M(USD) revenue in 2016 itself from 1 billion worth deal

Sports influencers in social media marketing

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social media is a powerful tool for sports and other organization to announce their events, products or services with high volumes of impressions and engagement, Big companies use social media in sports events to create a hype around their product and services, and increase their targeted audiences engagement, Social media platform like instagram, facebook, twitter includes options like live streaming in sports events helps to connect with large number audiences all over the world to make their brand announcements with more engagement rates and this live streaming helps to get a real time interaction with audiences . Companies create a brand content which is related to the sports events to get a more attraction from targeted audiences

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In sports big companies uses their social media marketing tools to connect with the targeted audiences, increase brand awareness, making announcements and drive sales, By utilizing the popularity of sports on social media most of the companies benefits to create a strong and loyal customer base