11 Social Media Content Ideas for Fashion Brands [2024]

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  11 Social Media Content Ideas for Fashion Brands

Are you running a fashion brand? Are you searching for content strategy for your social media to promote your fashion brand? If yes, then you have reached at the right place. Fashion brands develop their market via extensive marketing that can be accomplished through social media content.

Are you aware of the opportunity of social media that can definitely boost your fashion brand? Social media marketing can create brand awareness and customer support and you can expect higher conversion as well as higher traffic to your website.

If you want to improve your sales or conversion figures and boost your brand loyality, social media marketing is a powerful tool to showcase your brand to the general public, but how to do that?

If you are ready to explore some tricks of social media content strategy for fashion brands, this article is here for you. We have organized extensive research and gathered the 11 social media content ideas for fashion brands.

Fashion Brands and Social Media

In some way, Social media is meant for fashion brands. Social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have various communities following fashion or promoting their brands. Social media is the keystone marketing strategy of many fashion houses. Smart businesses thought the importance of social media is to get a reliable customer base. The part of social media is the fashion industry has developed its branches stronger than ever. As social media have more audience, it is starting to become a important platform for utilize the power of several social media platform to compete with other brands and be successful in finance

11 Unique social media content ideas for fashion brands

There are several social media platforms to promote your brand on online, Instagram is one of the best social media platform to showcase your brand's activities. Some of the popular brands in instagram have determine themselves as a creative story teller and captured the perfect shot. Fashion brands could use number of different unique content ideas to give a stir to their content marketing strategy to strive more traffic. Let's explore some of content ideas for fashion brands social media campaigns in the long run.

1. Brand Moto

The WHY to your brand boosting is important while planning your content strategy for social media. Instagram is best platform to deliver your brand moto to life. This way you can get more new audiences and attract more new audiences to your brand. One of the best example, would be clothing brand snitch. They announced jeans sales as "Be a Jeanius with our all new denim collection" with fancy quotes to attract more customers to buy jeans clothes from their brand , They used Instagram to get organic traffic. The main idea is to build a great relationship with your online audiences.

Brand Moto

2. Product Features

You can use Instagram to showcase your fashion brand, you need to shine out in the competitor crowd. What else can be always better to showcase your unique product features? Planning the social media content can look like following the 80/20 rule. Here, your brand story content should be 80%, while the 20% is about promotions.

Product Features

3. Product updates

Always launching a new brand or product in social media is always exciting but engaging your online audiences during the launch and lose their engagement is not a good way to approach it. Several social media content ideas to execute your sale and push your changes will attract your audience attention and get new customers to your brand.

This way, you can bring about interest and excitement among the masses about your brand's new launches and updates. For example, louisvuitton brand announced its latest collection unveils the new GO-14 handbag with audacious quilting details.

Product updates

4.Lifestyle content

Nowadays, The lifestyle content of the fashion industry is ruling the Instagram. Instagram famous clothing brand like Snitch is setting a high standard level of Instagram feed to promote their product, and you would see more great Wow collections. Using social media platforms, you can post different lifestyle content to notice their reach and estimate their popularity among the masses. Apart from informing the masses, you can use social media to get unique content ideas from the public's reactions to your product updates and latest posts.

Lifestyle content

5. UGC( User-Generated Content)

You can get user generated content by sharing your products through social media platorms, by sharing you can generate more UGC like comment, feedback, by sharing their photos with your products , after that sharing their testimonials to earn trust of new audiences. Testimonials, Feedbacks are great for assisting new shoppers to convert into loyal consumers. A good example of this Maybelline shared the video of content creator Monica applying cream and shows how to use it. This is the great way of showing the benefits of your products and gaining a loyal audiences at the same time.


6. Behind-the-Scenes

Since the market is full of competitors, It is important to maintain touch with your customers by sharing latest information about your brands. Instagram is the best platform for marketing fashion brands, after all!, You can also share your behind-the-scene video clips with your online community, showroom shots, shoots with influencers and other content across your social media platforms. By this way your customers get to know what's happening inside out of your brand.

7. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Series

Taking a great social media content for your fashion brand into a periodic series is a best way to boost your social media organic traffic. One best example would be the series about Lighting Rock Winery of Vancouver Magazine, where the food editors discuss with winery partners. Starting a brand from scratch is always challenging. But inviting a guest or mentor and packing into pre-existing format is much easier.

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

8. Re-Targeted Facebook Ads

New visitors to your fashion brand website are less chance to buy your products. If you want to influence them into buying your products you have to retarget Ads towards such a crowd of audiences that can help you reach them again and again. Facebook is the best platform for retargeting ad can make Custom Audiences get those ads along with Lookalike Audiences to get more reach of your social media content for brands. Apart from that, offers, and discounts are always the best part of the game strategy, when your plan A doesn't work well entirely up to the expectation

9. Giveaway or Run a Contest

Free goods are always welcome who doesn't like free goods? One of the most powerful social media content for engaging followers is to running contests or free giveaways. You can host a contest on social media without any third party host or service by following these steps.

  • Give Away something: The intent of the content is to get more engagement for your fashion brand. The prize always related to your brand. It can be coupon to buy your products for free, freebie, membership program, etc.
  • Terms and condition for contest: To be legal terms and condition regarding your contest, terms and conditions are important for hosting a contest. This makes your contests look more authorized and not a chance of scam.
  • A Point of Contract: How would the contestants contact the concerned? You have to make sure to leave an email address or the other preferred way of contact with all their queries.
  • A gateway for Entry: UGC or Hashtags are the best way to motivate entries of contestants for the giveaway.

For example a fashion brand like Indianterrain conducted a contests,The contestants should follow @indianterrianofficial page, like and share the particular posts, tag their post to three or four people, post a selfie, and most creative selfie stands a chance to win an exciting reward.


10. Host an AMA

If you are in fashion industry or in the marketing industry, you are already aware of the insatiable curiosity of people whenever they have free will to get their answers. Conducting an "Ask Me Anything" in stories or live sessions does the trick well for engaging your audience and social media campaigning for fashion brands. However, a pro tip would be focus on certain content for the AMA round. It can be about your brands latest collections, new launches etc.

Host an AMA

11. Influencer marketing

Influencers, whether they are big influencer or a micro-level influencer with narrow audience base, handing over the social media campaign like influencer can boost your engagement and sales of your fashion brand. Apart from that, you have deal your responsibilities for a day or week of your word. Score!

Influencer marketing


In this, article you read each social media content strategy for a fashion brand is meant for particular actions. So, it all depends on you to execute them in your own unique style that gives incredible output for your brand. However, time, organization, and creativity will always be the need of the hour. You need to find out unique social media content to shine out of your competitors. Believe it or not, Strategies drive better traffic and optimum results!