Powerful features of meta business suite you need to know

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Need to enhance your Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts more proficiently? Here Powerful features of meta business suite comes how you fully use the Meta Business Manager to enhance Instagram and Fb marketing? In this article, you'll find Meta Business Suite highlights that help advertisers work more productively. Additionally, you'll figure out how to involve them for the best outcomes.

Blog Contents

1.To-Do List

2.High-Priority Notifications

3.Inbox Automations

4.Optimal Publishing Times

5.A/B Tests

1: To-Do List

You can find Meta Business Suite's To-Do List on the top of the Home tab, which will assist you with focusing on the tasks that are of high priority for your business.

  1. To add a new task to your daily agenda manually.
  2. Click the down arrow and type the task details.
  3. You can add other information to direct your partners.
  4. After tapping the Save Task button, you and your teammates who work on the pages in the Meta Business Suite will see the task saved.
  5. Any individual who finishes it can mark it off as complete.

2: High-Priority Notifications

Assuming your Facebook page or Instagram account gets a lot of notifications, you need to separate it according to your priorities. By filtering the highest engagement receiving pages, you can boost their worth to increase your brand page popularity.

Meta Business Suite focuses on notices by default. When you open the Notifications tab, you'll see high-priority-based comments. Like that, you can also see and answer comments, mentions, direct messages (DMs), and offer proficiently. Underneath, you'll see any remaining warnings, including responses and preferences that don't need any work done.


3: Inbox Automations

Powerful features of meta business suite unites all of your Facebook and Instagram messages into a single inbox so you can oversee the commitment proficiently. Utilising the Inbox tab, you can either oversee everything simultaneously or view each kind of engagement one by one. On the off chance that if you get a ton of comments and messages, you can utilise Meta Business Suite's computerizations to smooth out your workflow. Click the Automated Responses button in the upper right to set up these supportive workflows.

Here is a list of options that you can use:

  1. Immediate response: Respond to somebody who's messaging your brand page for the first time with interest.
  2. Availability: Let individuals realise when you'll be back online and how to get to help meanwhile.
  3. Regular issues: Create up to four FAQs that individuals can request to get a robot and get a response
  4. Comment the message: Set up to four most used keywords that individuals can type in the comments to get a default robot automated message from your side.

4: Optimal Publishing Times

At the point when you want to increase the reach and commitment, posting Facebook and Instagram content with optimal timing is needed. the best way to decide when to post has been to take a look at Facebook or Instagram Insights to figure out when your crowd is most active online. To expand your possibility of posting with flawless timing, Meta Business Suite gives computerised options on when to publish the content. To get to this data, click the Optimal Times button in the post creation apparatus. Then, select one of the suggested times or manually enter some other time. Click the Schedule Post button to publish it.


5: A/B Tests

To cope with the marketing goals you need to understand what you need to do more attention from your crowd. There are endless ways of passing on your message imaginatively. So if you are a beginner probably you won't have any idea about what's great for your crowd? With Business Suite's A/B Test, you can create four forms of one post to see what works best.

  1. Open the Posts and Stories tab and select A/B Tests.
  2. Then click Create A/B Test.
  3. Make the first variant of the post, including the subtitle, connect, and hashtags.
  4. Then look to the lower part of the post creation and tap the Create A/B Test button.
  5. Now make a second variant of the post by changing your message or highlighting your posts.
  6. Click the Add New Version button to make up to four choices complete.
  7. Then click to publish your test right away or schedule it for some other time.

Meta will naturally run the test for 30 minutes, dispersing different parts of the post to various groups of followers to understand the crowd. Following 30 minutes, the meta business suite will naturally figure out which partitioned post created the most engagement and publish the highest viewed post to your page. You can likewise test various suggestions to call to action (CTAs).


We have only highlighted the most used features of the meta business suite in this article, there are still some more features you need to learn about to help your business.

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