10 Best hand picked Linkin Bio tool for instagram

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 10 Best hand picked

One of the elements that cause marketers and artists headaches is the Instagram bio link. Since the app's release, Instagram has only allowed one clickable link per account, which is located in your Instagram bio

It follows that it is not unusual that anyone attempting to attract users from outside the app will connect to their Instagram account. When you wanted to alter it in the past, you had to constantly switch links whenever you launched a new campaign. However, you are no longer required to do that. That one link may be used for so much more. You may improve that one link with the aid of tools for a link in bios. You may enhance your Instagram marketing approach with the aid of these tools.

How to add a link to your Instagram bio

What is bio on instagram links are compatible with all types of accounts, including personal, business, and creator ones. How to add a link in bio instagram:

  • access your Instagram account
  • Select "Edit Profile."
  • Locate the "Website" field by descending.
  • Add the URL instagram of the landing page you want to use or the Instagram link in your profile.
  • Save modifications on a phone, touch "Done," on a computer, click "Submit" Once the link in the bio has been adjusted, be sure to test it on desktop and mobile to make sure the linked website functions properly on all platforms.
  • Best tools for adding a link in bio Instagram

    1 Linktree


    You may generate a single linkin bio to use on several social networking networks using Linktree. You may easily design your landing page using the drag-and-drop editor after creating your URL instagram. The fundamental features of Linktree free plan, including limitless links, social media network icons, and very basic statistics, are clear-cut and uncomplicated. You can get a lot more customization choices and in-depth statistics by upgrading to the premium plan.

    2 Mona


    Brands and individuals looking for a straightforward method of charging on Instagram could use Mona's linkin bio tool. With the help of Mona's built-in features, you may create a unique landing page or utilize a template. Then you specify the services you provide and give your pricing information. Mona is a fantastic link-in bio option for those who are selling online services like video sessions and consultations. Your prices are up to you, and Mona uses Stripe to handle payments. Remember that while Mona is free to use, Stripe charges for processing payments, and Mona gets a 4% part of your sales. When you determine your rates, remember to include such costs.

    3 Koji


    Creators can make the most of their Instagram links in their bio by using Koji to monetize, interact, and increase their following. It transforms a connection in the best instagram bio that would normally be unremarkable into something spectacular. You may express yourself more fully by making custom themes for your Instagram links in the bio with Koji. By adding HD or colored backdrops, buttons, and themes to your Koji Profiles profile, you may improve your branding when people click on your link in the bio. Even the typeface that will be used for your profile may be changed. Koji offers a variety of micro applications that you can use to monetize your Instagram links in your bio in addition to allowing you to customize your link in your best instagram bio profile.

    4 Feedlink


    A clickable Instagram feed is assembled in one location using Feedlink by EmbedSocial, a landing page that is optimized for the web and mobile devices. To make the most of your Instagram account as a sales and distribution channel, use this tool to tag each image in the feed with a different link. A free feature included with the EmbedAlbum platform is Feed Link. When utilizing images from a single source, it is permanently free. Depending on the number of sources and other features, monthly pricing options range from $19 to $99 per month.

    5 Campsite


    You can make a straightforward landing page using Campsite that combines images and a succinct title. For crucial pages like other social media accounts, your website, and email, landing pages include static links. You should include a list of links with titles and photos beneath those clickable buttons. Even Campsite has a Canva connection that enables you to create unique photos. Key features like limitless links, font, and color customization choices, and fundamental metrics are all part of the free account. However, using your name, removing the Campsite logo, uploading your photos, and many other advanced capabilities require a premium account.

    6 Beacons


    Brands, content producers, and influencers may use Beacons to create small websites in Instagram accounts. It enables artists to connect directly to their custom shops in their instagram bio, giving them a simple method to make money from the sale of e-books and other digital goods. Additionally, it offers fans the chance to buy from your requests page. Your fans may simply request a shoutout, a personal call, or requested advice with just a few taps using Beacons' requests block.

    Meanwhile, your followers may book calls with you and send money using the appointments tool. Beacons are the ideal answer if you're seeking a quick and efficient approach to increase follower engagement and generate income from your Instagram accounts`. Anyone may create a personalized small website in instagram with only a few clicks thanks to its straightforward layout. Through its freemium model, you may register for Beacons. It also has an Entrepreneur plan for $10 a month.

    7 Milkshake


    Milkshake is what you would get if you combined a website in instagram and ig stories. Your linkin bio turns into an Instagram page where all of your offers are accessible to your followers. The app, which was created for the mobile Instagram browser, enables your followers to swipe through your material much like they do with ig stories. Your fans may view all of your brand's content and goods by clicking on the Milkshake linkin bio.

    Instagram accounts users must keep swiping through Milkshake's individual "cards" that fill the whole screen to see new material, as opposed to a list of links or a grid. You can create milkshake websites fully on your phone by choosing cards from templates and then customizing them with your brand's colors and typography. To help you pick the optimum look for each card, the app even offers a "shake it up" option that cycles through many appearances.

    8 LinkFolio


    For serious companies and influencers, LinkFolio is a link-in-bio tool. FamePick, a reputable influence marketing firm, was responsible for its creation. You may share URLs to other assets with LinkFolio, which serves as an extension of your brand and aids in brand monetization. Two distinctive traits give creators power. Collab Me is the first; it allows you to charge your audience directly through LinkFolio while offering them services. This instagram tools enables you to sell anything, including individual video chats and products. The second is having access to more than 3000 brands. For chances in influencer marketing, you may utilize their contact information to make a pitch.

    9 Tap Bio


    With the aid of Tap Bio, you can customize and brand mini-websites that include all the links you wish to post on Instagram. You may develop landing pages for your mobile followers using their user-friendly interface. Cards are used by this linkin bio tool to make your landing page appear longer. Without sacrificing the benefit of a single call-to-action, each card may serve a separate purpose if you emphasize many links. Your followers are more likely to click the link when there is only one call to the action shown. You may view one of the instagram accounts and add one special link to a card with the free Basic account from Tap Bio. With three more cards, their Silver plan costs $5 per month. You are given four cards and four links.

    10 Sked Link


    With Sked Link, you can direct followers to your website, goods, email subscription signups, blog entries, and more. A Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plan is available to users. The option to customize or select from pre-existing themes is one of the Basic and Pro features. Google Analytics with Facebook Pixel integration Incorporate UTM settings and link analytics. For hosting their Sked Link on their domain name, users of the Enterprise plan pay a certain fee. They can also incorporate further cutting-edge integrations.


    One of these programs can be the answer if you want to incorporate more than one link in your Instagram accounts. You may make use of them to develop instagram marketing efforts that connect with your Instagram audience. However, your use case and budget will determine which linkin bio instagram tools is appropriate for your company. Your chosen tool should make it simple for you to accomplish your Instagram marketing objectives. You can overcome Instagram's restriction of just allowing one link in the bio by trying one of these techniques. You can easily point your followers in the direction you want them to go. You can also use storefries to schedule all your posts on Instagram with ease, also there is no need for you to worry about the post ideas as we have created the default post generator according to your needs with different tones. so try now our free account to get to know more about our features which help your business.