Best ways to attract customers to your business

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Best ways to attract customers to your business

1. Offer new customers discounts and promotions

Offer new customers discounts and promotions

Even in today's market, consumers continue to seek value and bargains. You can entice them to patronize your business by providing introductory discounts or introducing promotions like 'buy 2, get 1 at half price,' or 'free gift wrapping for the first three purchases.' Such enticing offers have the potential to attract new customers who have been contemplating doing business with you but require an incentive to alter their shopping habits. Subsequently, monitor their purchase patterns and the offers they've utilized to enhance your ability to target them with future marketing messages that will solidify their loyalty.

2. Request for Referrals

Request for Referrals

After successfully earning a customer's loyalty, leverage it by requesting referrals from them. Existing customers represent an excellent reservoir for acquiring new ones. However, you shouldn't adopt a passive stance and hope that they will spontaneously introduce colleagues, friends, and family to your business. Instead, proactively take charge and establish a systematic approach for actively seeking referrals from your contented customers.

Incorporate referral-generating strategies into your sales process. After the sale, send follow-up emails to ensure customer satisfaction, and subsequently, send another referrals email request. You may want to contemplate providing incentives if the purchase justifies such a reward.

3. Touch with your Old Customers

Touch with your Old Customers

Revisit your list of old customers who haven't engaged with your business in a while. Establish a consistent schedule for this outreach, such as quarterly, and target customers who haven't made a purchase in the last six months. Reach out to them through various channels like email, direct mail, text, or phone, conveying a 'We miss you' message and extending an enticing deal or promotion to encourage their return.

4. Network


To increase brand awareness, there's no superior method than connecting with new individuals, and introducing your identity and your business. Become a member of your trade association, local chamber of commerce, and networking groups. Participate in Meetup events, and if you own a local business, consider attending PTA meetings for networking opportunities. Adopt a mindset of 'How can I assist you?' when approaching networking, rather than focusing solely on 'What's in it for me?'

5. Keep Your Website Updates

Keep Your Website Updates

Online search serves as the primary method for both consumers and B2B buyers to discover new businesses. Consequently, your website must carry the load in ensuring customers can locate you. It's essential to assess your search engine marketing and search engine optimization strategies, including the importance of having a mobile-friendly site.

The design of your website also significantly impacts your online presence. An excess of graphics can impede your site's loading speed, dissuading potential customers. If you lack the in-house expertise, consider engaging the services of a website design company and/or an SEO expert to provide assistance.

6. Partner with complementary businesses

Partner with complementary businesses

Business collaboration that cater to a similar customer demographic, yet operate in non-competing sectors, and devising joint marketing strategies to reach each other's customer base is an intelligent approach to acquiring new customers without incurring substantial expenses. For instance, if your niche is baby products, forming a partnership with a maternity clothing retailer could prove to be a valuable collaboration.

7. Showcase your expertise

Showcase your expertise

Demonstrating your industry knowledge can pique interest and generate excitement, ultimately aiding in the attraction of both new customers and increased business from your current client base. Participating in industry panel discussions, conducting webinars, delivering workshops, speaking at industry gatherings or groups relevant to your target audience, and hosting educational sessions are a handful of approaches to leave a positive impression on potential customers and clients. This strategy is especially effective for B2B business proprietors.

8. Utilize Online Rating and review sites

Utilize Online Rating and review sites

In both B2B and B2C domains, customers often consult online rating and review platforms prior to engaging with unfamiliar businesses. Therefore, it's essential to keep a vigilant eye on these platforms and address any grievances. Utilize favorable reviews by featuring them on your website and display signage in your physical location, whether it's a store, office, restaurant, or any other establishment, encouraging customers to share their experiences. The influence of social proof is significant, and when potential customers witness others applauding your business, they are more inclined to give it a chance.

9. Participate in community events

Participate in community events

Research indicates that the majority of individuals have a preference for supporting local, independent businesses. Enhance your community presence by actively engaging in charitable events and affiliations with local organizations. Whether you choose to sponsor a community fun run, orchestrate a holiday "toys for kids" drive, or provide equipment to a Little League team in your city, these initiatives raise your visibility and, consequently, aid in attracting new customers.

10. Refer a friend

Refer a friend

This concept bears resemblance to referrals, yet it hinges on customer involvement. Provide "bring a friend" promotions, encouraging your loyal customers to introduce their friends and colleagues to your establishment. As an example, a restaurant might implement a "buy one entrée, get a second one for free" offer to entice a broader customer base.


Consider these tactics as a launching point and incorporate your unique ideas. The essential aspect is to commence right away so that by the time the next year arrives, you've already expanded your customer base.

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