How to create social media report in 2024?

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Social media report shows your performance on social media towards your audiences and helps to find out your metrics ,and social media strategy of your business’s or projects

What is social media report ?

Social media report is a document that summarizes a brand's performance, site analytics, conversions on social media platform over a particular period of time .

Significance of Creating Social Media Reports

Social media reports gives a complete overview of a business’s or projects social media performance. It can assist you to understand the current scenario of your Social media marketing strategies and help you optimize accordingly.

1. Measurement of performance:

Performance measurement in social media is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media strategy and understand how your brand is observe by your audience. There are some key performance measurement metrics such as, Engagement rate , Reach and Impressions , Follower growth , Conversion rate , Click-through rate (CTR), Sentiment analysis , Customer satisfaction

2 . Shows ROI(Return on Investment) :

Social media reports help us to show the ROI of your social media efforts.

ROI of your social media represent the Trustiness of customers to your business or organization , It can deliver data on how your social media activities has effective towards your business goals, such as website traffic, leads, sales, and customer retention.

3. Get Insights :

Social media reports presents insights into the performance of your social media marketing efforts and this shows your Social media strategy is working or not . By gathering and analyzing the data, you can get a clear idea of your social media techniques , this helps you to identify areas for development , and change your strategy accordingly.

4. Competitive analysis:

Analyzing your social media reports is not enough at the other hand you have to monitor your competitor site and their marketing strategy and performance

By analyzing and comparing your data against competitor , you get a clear vision on which strategy they are following and this assist you to make a new strategy to ahead of your competition.

5. Eye on Social media trends

You always have to analyze the trend on social media because, trend is temporary and most effective so you have to utilize the change in trends on social media , the change in social media trends indicates the change in audience behaviours.

You can implement the new strategies aligned with your business goals and take advantage of new trends to engage with your audience , and you must know how to create a detailed report that is easy to understand and analyze.

6 steps to make a social media reports :

Creating a social media report is a crucial challenges for any business or organization you must aware of that, if not follows these simple steps to make your detailed report that's easy to observe .

Step 1 :Define your social media goals and objectives:

Before you creating a detailed report of your social media , you must define your social media goals , objectives and KPIs , what's your aim with your social media presence. how you increase brand awareness, generate leads and driven sales? Goals and objective determine the metrics you track and report on.

Organize a goal for social media campaigns
Organize a goal for social media campaigns

The success of your social media campaigns is depends on setting a clear goals .so you must decide the objectives of your social media campaigns. Majorly focus on creating goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T).SMART goals can provide a clear path and deadline for your social media strategy.

For example, through Instagram, you can set a SMART goal for your social media campaign to increase website traffic by 35% within the next three months.

The goal decribes a specific objective of increasing the website traffic and has a quantifiable metric of a 35% rise. It can be achieved because it’s not too ambitious or unrealistic and is relevant because it depends with the overall marketing strategy.

Selection of social media platforms

Choosing a social media platform is necessary if you know which social media platform your target audience widely using it

For example, if most of your target audience is young adults, platforms like Tiktok , Instagram, Snapchat would be more effective, at the other side if you have the target audience like job professionals, platform like Linkedin, twitter would be more effective to reach out them

Choosing a social media platforms that decides the KPIs that are most relevant to those social media platform

Point out Key Performance Indicator(KPIs)

You must choose the KPIs , Once you have established your social media campaign goals , that will help you measure the progress towards these goals.

Common social media metrics such as engagement rate, reach, impressions, follower growth, website traffic, and conversion rate.

step 2 :Identify your metrics:

Once you selected your KPIs, you must decide the metrics that you must track and this will help you to measure your success. Measure and tracking metrics will be gathered all the information that you want's to create a detailed clear report, selection of source will give insights for your social media reports, gathering a data from social media platform, website analytics, third-party analytics platform, customer relationship management(CRM) tools, and other resources.

Identify your metrics

Step 3 : Design your template:

For design a template for your social media report , you can create a custom templates by your own needs and designs if not possible you can choose a exsisting designed template

Nowadays there are various social media reports templates are available with benefits and features , some popular templates contains ,online dashboard tools , Excel spreadsheets, Google Sheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

There are lots of troubles you should avoid while manually adding metrics But you can choose Storefries social media analytics for maintaining all the data .

Step 4 : Report Building:

Now that you have your clear data and analysis, it's time to build your report. Start by summarizing your key findings and insights. Then, use charts, graphs, and other visualizations to help describe your data. Make sure your report is easy to read and understand.

For example, if you want to analyze your instagram marketing strategy, you must measure your instagram’s pages performance by defining the metrics like the growth of your fans/audience, likes, comments, shares, impressions, etc.

Once the data is ready, you can format it into the visualization like graphs, making it easier for a non-technical person(every person) to understand the reporting results.

By using Storefries social media analytical tools, you can overcome the struggle of creating visualization of graphics, as the tool already breakdown the most important metrics in the form of eye-catching graphs and charts.

Report Building

Step 5 : Analyze and explain your data:

This method involves explaining the data to draw insights and find out the area of strength and weakness .Based on your detections,make recommendations that will help your social media strategy

Explain data to draw insights :

To draw your insights about social media performance you have to explain the data. You have to look a eye on trends, patterns, and anomalies in the data and this help you to understand what strategy works and what doesn’t.

For example , If your audience are more engaging with trending memes rather than videos , incorporate more memes content into your social media strategy . After that if you noticed any hike on followers growth after implement a specific social media campaign ,repeat the same campaign in the future.

Find out Areas of Strength and Weakness:

From your analysis of data , find out the area of strength and weakness of your social media strategy and this will help you make perfect decision about your social media strategy.

To find out the area of strength and weaknesses of your social media strategy you can use SWOT analysis. This SWOT analysis is strategic planning tool used to find out the strength, weaknesses , Opportunity and Threat of your social media strategy .

Let's observe SWOT analysis ,with a example of sports wear brand with good social media followers

Strength: Talk about the strength, they have unique design and quality of products with good engagement rate for each posts on instagram and the followers are loyal and interested towards the brand

Weaknesses: You may hassle to generate inbound leads or sales from social media

Opportunities: To overcome its weakness , you can make partnership with Sports or Atheltic influencers to promote your Sports wear brand to wider audience on social media platform such as , Instagram , Facebook , to get more engagement rate , sales or conversions.

Threat: If your competitor brand execute the strategy you planned and they implemented first before you , this may attract more customer and gain wider market share for your competitor . Also, Social media policy or algorithm changes can affect your content visibility on social media .

Make final suggestions based on Findings:

From your insights , make suggestions for the improvement of your social media strategy and best post time for instagram.These suggestions should be benefical and stick to your social media campaign goals.

For example , if your instagram engagement rate is decreasing , you should focus on creating attractive content for your audiences.

So ,try the different social media campaign like Q&A sessions , or quizzes , or Polls , or UGC(User Generated Content), which can improve your engagement from your audiences.

Step 6 : Finalize the report and share:

This step based on presenting your finalized report clear and summary and sharing with revelent stakeholders.You should also be ready for your future reports by tracking your progress and make some important adjustment on your social media strategy.

Report presentation:

Presentation of report plays a vital role for your social media strategy reports to easy understanding and helps to communicate your findings.

To understand and analyze the social media report for the stakeholders and your team members you have to choose a detailed PDF format with multiple visual elements.

Best procedure for reporting and sharing:

Some best procedure you should follow while sharing ,reporting your social media report. It contains highlighting key insights, tailoring your report to your audiences, suggestions, and being transparent about the method used and data.

With Storefries , we cut the manual task of sharing report from your plan with our committed Schedule Report feature.

Monitor Current Events for Opportunity
Being ready for future report:

It's necessary to being ready for future report by recording your process . This will helps you to maintain the stability over different reports and makes to track your process easily .you can create a neat well maintained social media report at the same time you should aware of area of improvement and set goals for future social media campaigns.


A template for social media report can be your guiding star for your social media performance analytics, otherwise the data would be ,confusing , unordered and hard to understand.

Hold on choosing a template for your social media report is not enough

Extracting and managing a social media data is not easy and you must face multiple challenges , But with Storefries powerful interacting social media reporting dashboard , you can skip the struggle of making the social media reporting template from the scratch and create a perfectly designed social media report quickly

Here , you will get , Performance of content , Audience insights , Find out your biggest audiences , Best time to post , Comprehensive analytics , Share PDF analytics reports.

Performance of content:

Identiify the most followed content from your audiences and leverage it to scale your social media performance.

Audiences insights:

Using Storefries integrated social media insight tool , you can understand your audiences growth much better and analyze the growth pattern. For example to find out the best post time for instagram

Find out your biggest audiences:

Identify your targeted audiences and who interacts more for your social media posts with strong insights ,like most commenting audiences and the audiences who shared your post most.

Best time to post :

Timing is everything, you have to aware of the audiences most active hours on social media and analyze the best time to post . For example, there is best time for instagram post

Comprehensive analytics:

By Analyzing your social media feed , you can get a clear vision about your audiences involvement towards your content and you get a clear insights about , likes , share , comments.

Share PDF analytics reports:

Scheduled PDF reports to share automatically through email with and clients colleagues otherwise download it from the Analytics tab