The reason why you are not getting customers on social media

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When it comes to almost every business advice that you have come across, it seems to be conventional wisdom that you have to use social media to get customers to come to you. Using social media is not the only way to acquire customers but it is one of the more powerful ways that you can use to get customers to come to you. Instead, the team concluded that to convert social media followers into customers, a business needs to engage them, and wait for its advertising. The worst-case scenario is that you are not acquiring any customers in an empty wasteland that is your social media presence. You are definitely at the stage where you are making mistakes but you don’t know which mistakes you are making.

So to recap, the first reason why people don't have clients on social media is not knowing how to attract people by truly understanding them and giving them value. The second reason is not being able to hold people's attention.Most companies think that those social interactions will lead to more customer loyalty and more profitable customers, "That's not necessarily the case. Customers rarely post on a brand's page on their own and typically only see a fraction of a brand's Facebook content unless they are targeted with paid advertising."

Blog Contents

1.Not Knowing How To Attract People

2.Show your trustworthiness dont tell it

3.Not Being Able To Hold People’s Attention

4.Establish your leadership thought through high-quality content

5.You Don’t Know Your Market or Your Audience

6.Inspire People To Take Action


1.Not Knowing How To Attract People:

Only 3% of people are ready to buy something right away. People usually know their problems, but don’t always know what’s causing their problems. They don’t know what some of the potential solutions to that problem could be. Rather than taking people from completely unaware, to making them an offer, you need to attract people by taking them through stages of education and rapport building by speaking their language.

Many people get stuck because they’re not relating to their clients and showing that they understand their problems. It’s like they are at the top of a hole shouting at people saying, Hey, come up here. Life is amazing!” But people are stuck in a hole and saying, “I’m stuck and don’t know how to get out.”

social media customers Not Knowing How To Attract People

2.Show your trustworthiness dont tell it:

In today's crowded market, credibility and trust are the core to converting visitors to your social media into customers.

For example: saying, "We are professionals with a great deal of experience," instead of "We have worked with more than 100 companies in 20 countries around the world including American Express, ATT, Apple, and more."

social media customers Show your trustworthiness dont tell it

3.Not Being Able To Hold People’s Attention:

To maintain someone’s attention, you need to share that you understand their struggles as you’ve been there and that you have real solutions for them. You need to share how you found answers, how you’ve walked yourself out of the problems and what you discovered that can fast-track their process. People need a lot of information from you to build trust. The challenge is that because there’s so much competition and distraction on social media, people need more time with you.

We’ve got to get good at knowing how to pull people off of social media and that means learning a whole lot of other skills, so you can take control and not be reliant on social media alone. You need to be speaking directly to someone’s pain points and directly helping them with what they are struggling with at that time. If you’re going to do a Facebook Live, you need to know that what you’re sharing is going to engage people.

social media customers Not Being Able To Hold People’s Attentio

4.Establish your leadership thought through high-quality content:

Social media may get a potential customer interested in you, but it's often the quality of your content that will close the deal. Blog posts, LinkedIn articles, podcasts, eBooks, white papers, and the like can be the difference between someone checking out your Facebook page and moving on, or clicking through and spending their cash with your company.

social media customers Establish your leadership thought

5.You Don’t Know Your Market or Your Audience:

This problem can arise from two sources: you are in the market that you are trying to serve or you are entering into a market that you clearly don’t understand – putting your business at a disadvantage against your competitors. If you are too passionate about the market that you are trying to solve problems for but you are not getting customers to come over to buy from your business: you are too close to your market.

For example, you love podcasts and you start your solo practice as an audio engineer. If you were a little more dispassionate about the market that you are trying to serve, you would know that the podcast market is broken in that only a subset of the market can pay you. In other words, you would be able to inquire which subset of the market had more transactions and cash flow than the other. Being too passionate can delude you into getting involved in a market that you have no business getting involved in the first place.

In addition to social media, they are going to talk about how your company doesn’t belong in the market. Customers and clients do tend to broadcast their bad messages more often on social media as opposed to airing compliments. Therefore, the best bet that you can do is to understand your market up close and learn about what your customers are after. You can even take the time to learn about how your customers see their competitors. The best way to understand your social media following is to speak to them directly or engage with them on other social media communities so that they can get you back.

social media customers You Don’t Know Your Market

6.Inspire People To Take Action:

A lot of people think that if they put up content posts with tips on Facebook and Instagram that they will get clients. But it doesn’t often work that way. You also need to be able to inspire people to take action. You need to have the skill of influence.

Influence is a skill. It’s about understanding the subconscious mind, the psychology of human behavior in decision making, and what drives someone to make a choice that will improve the quality of their life. Remember, only 3% of people are ready to buy. So there’s around 97% of people that won’t buy from you immediately.

Tips to Attract customers to Social Media:

Effective social media marketing is a boon to businesses irrespective of whether it's big or small, new startups or established brands. In today's competitive world, social media marketing has become an indispensable medium to create brand awareness and attract more customers. There are many techniques and strategies that you can implement to attract customers on social media. Here are some proven tactics to consider:

 social media customers Inspire People To Take Action
1. Create and Share Informative and Educational Content:

Your potential customers are audiences on social media who are looking out for authentic content relating to their pain areas. The content that you publish and share should be able to achieve a kind of connection with the audience. Provide step-by-step instructions, how-to-do videos, and product demos that can talk about major issues that plague your industry. Such educational and informative content adds enormous value to your readers. Great content should always aim at adding value.

 social media customers Share Informative and Educational Content
2. Create a Facebook Group

Of course, your brand needs to have its page, but creating a Facebook group can bring in some added benefits. Essentially, groups aren’t much different from online forums. Primarily, they encourage members to be more active and engaged. They can post questions, answer them, offer advice to others, and even share experiences with your brand. You do, however, need to be much more active in your group than on your page. You cannot leave the members to themselves.

You’ll need to answer as many comments as possible, and start discussions. The group should be regarded as an extension of your brand page, so you still need to offer some value. Use it to dive deeper into some interesting subjects, talk more about the posts you’ve shared on your page, and offer advice.

 social media customers Create a Facebook Group
3. Practice Social media monitoring:

Social listening to your audience is just as important as conversing with them on social media. Make a comprehensive list of keywords, hashtags, and phrases that are relevant to your brand and business. Ensure to add all aspects such as your brand mentions, brand name, misspellings of your brand name, your product names, your industry, and any other relevant keywords to your monitoring list.You can conduct social listening manually but can be very overwhelming considering that there are millions of posts every single day.

 social media customers Practice Social media monitoring
4. Create an Online Quiz :

Online quizzes are by far the most effective strategy for attracting more customers through social media.

They’re fun, exciting, and will let you know which “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” character you are, and it gets easy to promote your products and services without being too pushy. The average lead capture rate of a quiz is 33.6%, so it’s obvious how beneficial they can be for your business. With a good quiz tool, you can create an online quiz in no time. Just remember that the topic of the quiz has to make sense for your business.

social media customers Create an Online Quiz
5. Be Quick to Respond to Inquiries :

Social media is a critical new tool for customer service. Using it right is an art form. When you reply to one customer, thousands read your response. Every word is shared with the world. This course prepares you to serve customers on high-stakes channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Over 85% of customers expect you to respond to their questions and inquiries on Facebook within 5 hours, and the sooner, the better. Regardless of whether you’ve received a positive or negative comment, your answer must be respectful and professional.

social media customers Quick to Respond


We have covered the facts which might stop you from reaching your potential customers in the article and some tips which we worked on for our organization for many months to get our audience. We hope this will be helpful for you to build your upcoming brand or your growing brand.

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