How to access your Instagram account in desktop mode

  April 20, 2022      2 minutes   Page Views:
How to access instagram in desktop mode

Post on Instagram from your desktop one of the best ways to save time and increase efficiency, especially if you regularly create assets with desktop design apps.

Preparing Instagram posts from a PC or Mac also means you can view your images and videos on the big screen and type your subtitles from the full keyboard, which, spoiler alert, is a major upgrade.

Instagram now allows users to post images or videos to the feed up to 1 minute long from the desktop app. So what you need to do is

  • Log into your Instagram account on PC or Mac select the "+" icon at the top of the screen.
  • From here, you can drag and drop media files from your computer
  • Also, you can apply any of Instagram's built-in filters and make changes to images
  • Write a title and alt text, add a location and turn off comments it's up to you.
  • You can also click on an image or video to find and tag a user.
  • When you're done, click "Share" to post directly to your feed.

  • Instagram desktop posting is a great new feature, but it comes with a few downsides. For example, you can't schedule a post ahead of time or preview what your feed will look like before posting.

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