What is Youtube Marketing - The complete guide for beginners

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YouTube is no longer a mere website to pass your free time, as it once was before. According to research, Youtube receives approximately 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour to load. What better way is there to expand your business than using YouTube marketing YouTube not only has your target audience, but it also has the potential to boost your SEO and brand recognition as it is the second-largest search engine online.

Marketers need to present distinctive content on YouTube that must be simple for consumers to consume and share. The goal of YouTube marketing is to increase awareness of a company or product by making videos and submitting them to the site. Businesses benefit from more traffic, a larger consumer base, and exposure to new markets.

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1.How to Create a YouTube Channel

2.Why do we need Youtube Marketing for agencies or businesses?

3.Views on Youtube

4.How to get more views for your youtube channel

5.Should You Purchase YouTube Subscribers?


1.How to Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the only social networking site that hosts video content. You'll need to schedule regular time to prepare, shoot, edit, market, and assess all your content. You must also establish the objectives of your brand and make a strategy for how video can help you meet those objectives. You can create youtube channel with interesting, viral content for your expanding audience if you can invest the necessary time and effort in the platform.

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Create YouTube channel before you begin creating video material. You instantly get access to a YouTube account, a Google+ account, and a lot more when you sign up for a Gmail account because Google owns YouTube.Depending on your industry, you might not want to link your email to your company's YouTube channel, especially if you need to give team members or a business partner access to the account.

We advise you to set up a shared email address that many people can use. You are almost ready to upload some fantastic video material now that you have a Google account. We're not quite finished, though; you still need to create a YouTube Brand Account. Users can control editing privileges and establish a more comprehensive online presence with a Brand Account.


Step 1: Go to YouTube. Note that you're likely already logged into your new Google account in the top right corner. Click Sign in and enter your new Google account name and password if you aren't already signed in.

Step 2: After logging in, select Your channel from the drop-down box under Account Module.

Step 3: There are two alternatives available for setting up your channel. Pick a unique name.

Step 4: At this point, you ought to be requested to set up your channel.

You can also customize your account

Step 1: To begin, click Customize Channel in.

Step 2: Include the channel logo and your brand image. Use images that are instantly recognized and consistent with your entire identity as they will be the first areas of your YouTube account that users will see when they visit.

Step 3: To upload an image for your profile photo, click on the icon that says "Default Profile Picture" in the upper left-hand corner of your channel.

Step 4: After that, add your video watermark and banner image. Click Basic details to add a channel description, a brand email, and connections to your company website and other social media channels after you have customized the photos for your channel.

2.Why do we need Youtube Marketing for agencies or businesses?

One of the most successful youtube strategy for marketing mediums is YouTube. Businesses can increase exposure and attract new audiences by optimizing keywords in headlines and producing tutorials, comments, true product reviews, Q&As, and video listings. Brands cant guess who or when would see their videos.

If the title and description of the video include the appropriate keywords, someone searching for the same information may come across your particular video, stick around the channel, and purchase the promoted products or services. Additionally, businesses can raise brand recognition by adding watermarks and company logos to all the videos.

Videos will also appear in Google search results, giving businesses additional visibility and a chance to attract more customers.

Given that YouTube is a global corporation, it enables marketers to expand their markets. The platform aids in bringing in leads from many nations who speak the same language. The main advantage of YouTube is that it gives you the possibility to efficiently market your business. A company can accomplish this by producing content for its channel and publishing it there, or by running pre-roll advertisements on the platform and attracting viewers' attention.

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3.Views on Youtube

A youtube view is recorded each time a user deliberately starts a movie on their device and watches it for at least 30 seconds. A view will be recorded if you play your video. Each viewing will count as a new view if a viewer watches your video more than once. YouTube videos that are embedded or shared on Facebook will also count toward the total number of views. On YouTube, live views are tallied as well. Check back later if you don't immediately notice a representation of your activity on Youtube because analytics are updated once every two days or so.

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4.How to get more views for your youtube channel

The techniques listed below will assist you in developing your plan so that you can quickly reach viewers and win their devotion to your YouTube channel. Businesses have tons of options on YouTube.Your Business can effectively promote its items because of its vast user base. Learn how to apply strategy to increase your youtube subscribers count.

4.1 Unique Content for your account:

Keeping in mind what we discussed previously about knowing your audience, Creating material that resonates with your audience and is new, interesting, and fascinating is the best way to increase your YouTube subscriber count. Find your specialty and concentrate on what makes your company unique. Describe your product or service with a tale. Create a schedule to publish your films on time.

If you stay true to your brand, you'll be astonished at how many people find value in what you have to offer. Viewers will be informed when a new video is available in this manner. Make sure you pick the day and hour that will get the most youtube views and engagement. You may use the analytics to determine the most popular videos and if you've already posted any videos to get more ideas about posting at the right time.

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4.2 Learn more about your audience :

You must check the demographics of your YouTube audience before producing any videos. To satisfy your user needs, note more about the geographic region, age, and viewing preferences of your target audience. You can create much more useful content by taking into account your target audience's preferences and requirements. Compile all the necessary information on the most popular youtube videos. If you already have a YouTube business account, look into its metrics. You will have a deeper understanding of your audience's preferences as a result. To learn more about the preferences and interests of your readers, check out the comments, post new questions, or run a poll.

Find your audience by using social listening.

What's the most effective technique to create enduring relationships with other people? It is by observing them secretly from a distance. Though, social listening enables you to constantly check social media sites like YouTube for mentions of your business or particular keywords. You may discover what people want to know and utilize that information to generate ideas for video content by reading what others are saying about you or your sector.

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4.3 Be Active in the youtube Community :

Although you might not consider YouTube to be a social network in the traditional sense, it does represent a vibrant community where users interact with each other and with content through profiles, "likes," and comments.

Sounds quite "social," in our opinion. As was already mentioned, YouTube views any engagement with your visitors favorably. Engaging with your subscribers can at the very least help you develop a closer relationship with your audience. The process of "liking" comments and "pinning" a comment that you like to send to your subscribers takes just a few seconds.

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4.4 Audience is the key :

You should always check that the content you create is in line with the preferences of your target audience. Learn about your audience and the kind of material they want to see from you before writing a blog post or producing a video. If you're just getting started with YouTube channel promotion, research your rivals or other video producers in your niche. See which of their videos receives the most attention and views.

This can help you determine what subjects and types of videos your audience is most interested in learning about. If you've already published videos, you may also check your YouTube Analytics. You may find comprehensive data on the audience's demographics, location, interaction, and other useful statistics on YouTube. With YouTube reporting in Sprout Social, you can expand your approach and compare your content to other social videos you've created.

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4.5 Customised Thumbnail :

How to make a thumbnails for youtube videos is one of the easiest yet most powerful strategies for promoting your YouTube channel. Consider using your title and thumbnail together as a kind of one-two punch to draw a viewer in.

For the thumbnail, YouTube by default takes a screenshot from any given video. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the picture it takes is a hazy one of you moving the camera or a transition. It doesn't look good, right?

Making your thumbnails not only gives your films a more eye-catching first impression but also conveys a certain level of professionalism. Additionally, creating thumbnails for youtube doesn't have to be difficult. To make it more standardized and in line with your brand, you may even design a template using a specific font and style. Choose readable fonts in huge sizes and vivid colors for mobile. When possible, try to incorporate human faces in your images because they tend to attract the most interest. Because the thumbnails for youtube is your first opportunity to make a good impression, it must also accurately represent your branding.

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4.6 Have a fun-filled contest or small giveaway :

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A giveaway is something that YouTube subscribers adore. Host a YouTube contest or giveaway to encourage people to subscribe to your channel and engage. Use these guidelines to run a social media contest:

  • Ensure that you are abiding by YouTube's rules.
  • People can enter your contests by liking your video, leaving a comment, and subscribing to your channel.
  • Give away something associated with your brand.
  • Use your imagination by including user-generated content and other novel admission criteria.
  • However, exercise caution while holding frequent YouTube competitions. To avoid wasting time, money, and resources, you should ensure that your efforts are producing results. Wait a time after running a contest before checking your engagement and subscriber drop-off rates. If your subscriber base isn't active, you might merely be drawing in folks looking for free stuff.

    4.7 Create More Traffic using new cards :

    Other than playlists, the only options available to YouTubers to get to the algorithm and directly affect our audience's next selection are cards and end screens. The Video Cards are clickable, interactive regions that can be seen at any time. In this situation, we're focused on increasing views, so pick a card that connects to another one of your videos—or even better, playlists—because they exist in a variety of formats and may be used for things like fundraising or selling merchandise.

    Since cards are pop-ups, they must provide value. You don't want your audience to feel spammed. The playlists or videos you link to must be current affairs-related and offer further knowledge or entertainment. End screens, on the other hand, are graphic calls to action that you may include in the final 5 to 20 seconds of your film to nudge viewers toward taking the next step. They are useful since you may assume a viewer is keenly engaged in your excellent content if they have seen your entire movie. It's a good idea to use end screens to entice viewers to subscribe to your channel or go to your website. But if you want more views, using your end screen to promote your other videos or playlists is the ideal solution.

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    4.8 Build Valuable Conversation with your Customers :

    Building connections is also known as "audience engagement". Of course, the objective here is just to increase YouTube views in a reasonable, natural, and long-term manner. That is, interacting with other YouTubers—whether they are creators or commenters—increases the likelihood that they will be interested in your business, subscribe to your channel, and watch more of your videos as a whole.

    Breaking the fourth wall and starting a two-way dialogue could be accomplished by:

  • Comment back
  • Hold a YouTube competition
  • Create reaction movies
  • Include content created by others in your videos (with their permission)
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    5.Should You Purchase YouTube Subscribers?

    Although building an audience requires labor, you shouldn't pay for YouTube subscribers.

    This is why:

    They aren't your fans or people who care about your stuff. According to its fraudulent engagement policy, YouTube doesn't let phony subscribers.Purchasing phony subscribers might result in the channel being shut down. Obtaining 1,000 free YouTube subscribers is preferable (and safer). And by free, we mean putting forth the effort to create quality videos, garner more views, and naturally expand your following.


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